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flow - some columns missing from Dynamic content, from the "when an item is created or modified"

I am working on several flows that run "when an item is created or modified" in SharePoint Online. In that flow I set variables based on the value of the item when it is created or modified.


Recently some columns began to disappear from the list of available columns in the Dynamic Content area.


These columns will appear in the list from other trigger points, such as if I have an "Update item" action, but I want the original value.


Note that the "see more" option is not available in this case. I do not know why the Dynamic Content is behaving this odd way.


My only other option is to use a Compose action to get those columns.  Any ideas?


Dual Super User
Dual Super User



Sometimes Flow does not show all columns in dynamic content


You can get the values using expressions and a compose action


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Okay, I will be using Compose action for this from now on, with triggerBody()?['columnName']

This workaround works some of the time, but I still get errors sometimes.  Plus, this bug also affects the initial trigger conditions of the flow, preventing the flow from functioning properly.  That is something that cannot be fixed by this workaround.


UPDATE - on some of the columns that were missing, the solution was either to add those columns to the "All Items" view or to update the "When an item is created or modified" trigger to set the "Limit Columns by View" to "Use all columns (Do not limit)" or to otherwise not set that limit.

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