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how to get value of field in Dataverse table by field name

I'm building flow that generate sms message that will take some parameters (for example: name if entity account and fullname if entity is contact) 

the problem I faces that I'm need to send column name as parameter and while generate sms message get name from account entity or fullname from contact



where parameter value display as string as

clint: @{items('Apply_to_each_Account_-_dynamic')?['name']}


I need to send the previous string in runtime and flow understand as in image 

Super User
Super User

It should work as you have entered in the expression. One other way is to use Concat function and concat both string expressions.... Something like below...


concat('Test', outputs('Create_file')?['body/DisplayName'])
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I tried to use "concat" expression but still nothing happened, value of

concat('client:', @{items('Apply_to_each_Account_-_dynamic')?['name']}) become 

"client: @{items('Apply_to_each_Account_-_dynamic')?['name']}"


"client: account name"


it still understant "@{items('Apply_to_each_Account_-_dynamic')?['name']}" as string

Can you try following?


concat('client:', items('Apply_to_each_Account_-_dynamic')?['name'])


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