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i really do not understand why these conditions do not work

This is probably a simple issue, but I really feel totally lost. Probably I’ve just made things more complicated than they need to be … But bear with me, please:


I have a flow that

  1. runs when an item is created or changed in an SPO list, then waits for a specified amount of time - this works fine
  2. then branches, then in both branches it checks if a condition is met, - this works fine
  3. and if yes, in the two branches it checks condition respectively, - this is where it goes wrong
  4. and if yes in the left branch, it sends an e-mail to a person (dynamic value from "Hanteras vidare av" column in Sharepoint list), and if yes in the right branch, it sends an e-mail to a person (dynamic value from "Mottaget av" column in Sharepoint list- e-mail is sent, but not according to the conditions i try to set up


The issue:

It is not supposed to be possible to have yes in both left and right branch, since the purpose of the flow is to send only one e-mail. But the flow always sends an email to ”Mottaget av.”

What is my mistake – I simply cannot see it?


(sorry for the ugly screenshot)


Community Support
Community Support

Hi @MrtnM,


Could you please show a bit more about your conditions within two branches for clear?

Further, which type are the "Mottaget av" column and Hanteras vidare av" column in your SharePoint list?


The two branches would have yes if two branch conditions are both met, please check if the condition within right branch is met continuously.


In addition, it is not necessary to add a parallel branch to achieve your needs. You could consider take a try to achieve your needs with nested conditions.


Best regards,


Community Support Team _ Kris Dai
If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.

Thanks for the reply.



  • Kontaktuppgift" is a simple text field.
  • "Hanteras vidare av" and "Mottaget av" are Person/gruop fields (multiple selections possible)

My aim is to send en email to either "Hanteras vidare av" or "Mottaget av", depending on if there is/is not information in the field "Hanteras vidare av". But the flow always sends an email to ”Mottaget av.”

I have tried a lot of set ups, including nested conditions, but nooting seem to work. This is how it looks right now:


Run when item is created or modified
Delay /specified amount of time/


Left branch
If field "kontaktuppgift" is not equal to --
If yes: if field "hanteras vidare av" contains <domain name> (this is just another way to say "is not empty")
then send email with options to "Hanteras vidare av"


Right branch
If field "kontaktuppgift" is not equal to --
If yes: if field "Mottaget av" is not equal to "Hanteras vidare av"
then send email with options to "Mottaget av"




does anyone have an idea for this?

Anyone ...? I still am completely lost here. I have deleted and recreated som many times, with so many different set-ups ... I really need help.


What I basically want to do:


  • When an object in an SPO list is created or modified
  • Send an email to the person in the "Hanteras vidare av" field, and if that field contains no information, then send an e-mail to the person in the "Mottaget av" field. Both fields are Persons or groups columns.
  • Only one e-mail is to be sent, depending on if there is or is not an e-mailadress (or any other info) in the "Hanteras vidare av" field.


This shouldn't be difficult, but for me it is 😞

... well, now it seems like there is no longer an option to create branching Flows, so I guess I have to start from scratch anyway. Any suggestions would be nice 🙂

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