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link to folder of newly created file

Hi I'm uploading archived versions of data request emails we send out from a shared mailbox into the appropriate monthly folder on SharePoint, but can't work out how to link to the folder rather than the file. 


For this specific project we send 17 emails out a month that would go into the triage folder that triggers this flow. once the 17th email is archived I want to send a link to the folder, not the last file created, to relationship managers who aren't always copied into the emails. The condition to restrict the email to only the 17th item was easy enough to set up using a couple of lists and a check to see if the latest item added to the master list was divisible by 17.


However, what I'm struggling to work out is the link to the folder. whilst my flow may create a folder on the first email coming in, this folder won't need to be created in the reaming 16 runs of the flow. looking over the create link action I need the folder ID to create a link to the folder. the issue is there is I have no way to tell what the ID is from the dynamic content contained within the created file stage.


Does anyone know how to extract this information from the created file. Or an way to extract the folder and then use that in subsequent steps to generate this link. The only alternative I can think of have is slowly building together the path and trying to use that in a encode URL feed to then feed into the email step. So if there are other options please let me know a rug example of the folder structure is below if wanted. 


For reference the folder that link that needs to feed the email will be something like team/task/project/year/month the sub team and project might have a space in them before the next stage of the folder path. so it may need encoding to a URL if I have to go by stitching the folder details together from the parts that feed the create file action.


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