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multiple parallel approvers and reminders for those who have not approved

I have a flow that triggers when an entry is made in Cognito Forms, requesting approvals from three email fields on the cognito form. All three approvals are required to move forward. That part of the flow works fine, however I also need to send reminders only to those emails who have not yet approved the request.


I know how build the send reminder emails with one approver, but how can I build a flow to distinguish between those emails who have approved and those who've not approved then send a reminder only to those who have not approved?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Rather stupid, but I solved my own problem. Thank you to anyone who looked at it.

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Dual Super User

Create some type of variable that will record the response for each approver as they approve the document.  I would use an array of objects where each object in the array records the email and the response.  Update the variable with the response in each parallel path when the approver responds.  Then in your reminder path do an ApplytoAll on the Array. For each object check to see if the response has been received.  If it has do nothing and if it hasn't then send the reminder.

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Rather stupid, but I solved my own problem. Thank you to anyone who looked at it.

Hi, could you please inform to me about your solution? I'm stuck on this

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@Boz1 Could you please share the solution?

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