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power automate - ms forms > excel

Hey Guys


i am new to MS Power 


I am building a flow that once date and meter reading is filled in by ms forms it goes to a excel sheet where it has a condition to either update a row or add a row depending on if its on the same date or not 




the issue im having is i get this error 

ActionBranchingConditionNotSatisfied. The execution of template action 'Update_a_row' skipped: the branching condition for this action is not satisfied.


 please see picture of flow 





Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Anonymous ,



Do you want to judge whether it is on the same date based on the fields submitted in the Form? ( If it is equal to execute the "update a row" action, otherwise execute the "add a row" action )


Because you used the "Condition" action, the “yes” branch is executed when the condition is met, and the “no” branch is executed otherwise. According to the flow screenshot you showed, your judgment condition is not met, so it executes the "Add a row into a table" action of the no branch.


Best Regards,

Jessica Gu

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