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MrtnM Helper V
Helper V

"Do Until" only runs once

I know I am not the first to have problems with "Do until" - I have searched forums and copied solutions, but still I simply cannot make it work.


I have built a Flow that runs when a new object is created in an SPO list.

The Flow branches, where branch 1 sends an e-mail for approval, and branch 2 is the Do until that is supposed to send a reminder approval e-mail each 30 days, until the value in a text column is set to the value "Skickat". The value is changed with a button in the e-mail.


The Flow does send the first approval e-mail (branch 1), and the first Do until-email (branch 2) - but then nothing more happens.

When I check the status of the Flow, it is running, and running, and running, but nothing more happens (unless I click the button and value is set to Skickat).


This is my tested setup. Schedule is set to 10 seconds here. I suppose there is a simple error somewhere, but I do not see it.



Community Support
Community Support

Re: "Do Until" only runs once

Hi @MrtnM,


Could you provide more explanations about your needs?

Sorry, I am not sure what the specific content of your two branches is to be implemented according to your description.

Could you tell me what is the connection between the two Branches?

Also, I am not sure what the configuration of the condition in Branch 1 IF yes is. Could you share the configuration here?

Please provide more details and we would provide proper workaround for you.


Best Regards,


Community Support Team _ Barry
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MrtnM Helper V
Helper V

Re: "Do Until" only runs once


and thanks for the reply.

I am starting to wonder if maybe the branching itself is an issue ... maybe I've misunderstood how that works.

Also, I now realise that there may be difficulties regarding having different "copies" of the same approval running simultaneously?

However, these are the details of the flow as it looks right now:


Run when an object is created or modified, in SPO list


Branch 1:

Send an approval e-mail if "Status" column is not equal to "Skickad".

If selected option in approval e-mail equals "Skickad" (this is the only available option), update object with "Skickad" in "Status" column. 

This works fine.


Branch 2:

Wait X days, get the object, send a new approval e-mail

Do this until "Status" is equal to "Skickad"

The purpose is to send reminders each X day until the user selects the "Skickad" option in the approval e-mail.

The first e-mail is sent, but then the Flow just says "Running" and nothing more happens.




MrtnM Helper V
Helper V

Re: "Do Until" only runs once

Sorry, wiring screenshot (is it not possible to edit posts?)

ThNamnlöst-2.jpgis is correct


Dorul Resolver III
Resolver III

Re: "Do Until" only runs once

Hi @MrtnM

First of all, you said that branch 2 is the Do until that is supposed to send a reminder approval e-mail each 30 days.

That wont work, as flows are failing after 30 days.


Second, I dont see any variable in your flow. I dont understand your language so its quite hard to understand from your screenshots, but check the screenshot of my test flow approval with reminders, that is set to send mails every 1 minute - see the second screenshot.

I tested it this morning as i needed for something else.









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MrtnM Helper V
Helper V

Re: "Do Until" only runs once


and thanks for the reply.

Yes, I am familiar with the time limit of 30 days.


I do not understand the need for variables? Maybe there also is a misunderstanding in translation regarding approval: this is not a "formal" approval scenario, but rather what Flow calls "Send email with option", that works as an approval in this case, since the user choses to "Approve" or "Deny" with the buttons in the e-mail, this then makes a column i Sharepoint list uptade to Approved/Denied.


This first part (as seen in left branch of the Flow) runs smoothly.  The issue is only with the "Do until" branch, that sends one e-mailand then just says "running."


MrtnM Helper V
Helper V

Re: "Do Until" only runs once

Well - I'm stupid Smiley LOL

Of course nothing more happens - since the Flow waits for an action in the options email (that is "click a button in the e-mail") before the "Do until" starts over.


Well, ok, so now I realise that my issue is another.


I want a Flow that when an item is created or modified

  1. sends an email with options, and
  2. if a certain condition is not met after x days, the Flow sends a reminder e-mail with options.

I also do not want to get error messages as one or the other options emails reaches the time limit.

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