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Helper I

"When a new email arrives to a group" Trigger conditions examples.

Hi I am using the "When a new email arrives to a group" trigger in my flow and would like to try implement some trigger conditions.
Although I am not sure of the syntax to use and the properties we can query against (i.e. subject, to, for etc)
I have noticed there is a limited amount of data in the outputs of the trigger and that it requires a longer process to get the subject and content of the "post".
This makes we wonder if it is even possible to set conditions based on the subject.
Ideally I would like to have it only triggered on specific triggers so I can use the group mail for multiple flows.
My current work around is to make a separate group mail for every flow that I make that needs to be triggered from a group mail so as to not trigger other flows.

I would greatly appreciate any examples of trigger conditions you have used and got to work, especially ones that work on the subject(topic) of the mail(post).

Thanks in advance.

Resolver II
Resolver II

Hi @VR-Scott 


a trigger condition is like every other condition with the exception that it starts wit @

for example 

i usually make my the condition in the flow with expresions and then i add a @and copy it to conditions trigger
i hope this helps 
with kind regarts

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Helper I
Helper I

Thanks @Gericom I haven't had a chance to test this. We discovered an issue in a more crucial part of the process so I have been working on that once I have tried it out will let you know how it went.
Thanks again.

Frequent Visitor

How do I set up when new email arrives? I can't find similar to office 365 version of "When new email arrives V3" which can filter the subject and return the body message.
Any example available?

I'm stuck here



Helper I
Helper I

Hi @phoon ,
Just to understand correctly.
You only want the body of the new email?

hi @VR-Scott ,


Yes. I've done a flow on personal mail box but no examples on how to filter by subject and extract body content for email group. 
Helper I
Helper I

Thanks @phoon ,
So you want to have it trigger if the subject is a specific subject and then get the body?

So this is similar to my issue (which I haven't got right yet),
@Gericom gave a suggestion but I haven't got that working(not that I have spent much time on it)
My work around was to create a specific group mail that is only used to trigger my flow.
I realise this won't work for everyone.

The best I can suggest is have it always trigger but then the subject of the email and have a condition that only continues if the subject is correct. (This still means a lot of unnecessary triggering but like I said it's a work around not a solution.

If you have issue getting the subject and the body of the email, I am working on a post on this site to show how I did it and will post a link here when I have finished it.

Helper I
Helper I
Advocate I
Advocate I


I am having the same issue. I want to put a trigger, so only emails with a certain keyword in the subject line should run the flow, otherwise the flow is constantly running.

Seems there is no proper solution out there yet and MS didn't improve the connector to put an easy trigger configuration on this.

I would think that more people out there would need this.



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