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"When someone responds to an adaptive card" not being triggered



I'm not sure why the flow is not being triggered when someone click on a button in an adaptive card in a channel. I have set the Card Type Id to be the same for both. The adaptive card json is also exactly the same for both. Not sure what else am I missing.


Any advice is appreciated.


Thank you.



This is the adaptive that was sent to the Channel:



This is the "When someone responds to an adaptive card" flow:




Community Support
Community Support

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Advocate I


I figured it out. Apparently, this trigger only works in the "Default" environment currently - otherwise it never gets triggered. Really wish Microsoft would provide actual documentation and limitations of using triggers and not just the bare minimum effort (i.e. "The outputs of this operation are dynamic.").

ORIGINAL: Did you ever figure this out? I'm having the same issue. Everything appears to be the same between the flows and actions...but it won't trigger. The video didn't provide any insight as to what could be wrong, just how it "should" work.

Hi, Rebecca, I'm having the same issue with the adaptice card, may I ask, what do you mean by "Default" environment, I can trigger the flow but my user can not, but we are under the same environment...

I don't know where the problem is....could you please help?

Thank you for posting the edit to your post! I was going round in circles following the YouTube videos and guides and couldn't figure out why it was not triggering. This thread is the only mention I could find online that it's restricted to Default environment. Hopefully, this feature comes to all environments soon as we have a lot of use cases lined up for it 🤞

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