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reddit rss image -> save to google drive

How can I do this? I'm moving from ifttt I need to automatically grab the rss image and download it to google drive. save to google drive folder I tried to do it but I can't get the full image to save  Thank you very much! 

Super User
Super User

Hi @okaypol ,


This is a perfect example of one of those typical business critical operations that can be automated with Power Automate. I had fun figuring it out and I will certainly look to deploy the solution to customers soon! 😂


My solution requires a premium license as it uses the HTTP connector, but given the result, it is worth every penny. I don't have Google drive to test it out with, I used OneDrive for the saving step, but you should be able to adjust easily.


If you get stuck, I can export the flow for you. 



omg! thank you so much! Could you please export it for me it's not troublesome for you?

Thank you for sending this zip file but on my pro email looks like import is stuck and won't load ...gosh.. can you share the Parse Json / shema text please, so sorry ... Edit:  Logged in with other browser! It works but I get this error for some reason. 

No problem. I can't see the error from what you posted as the error is within the condition branch which you need to expand. At least the loop is working correctly as it executed 26 times.


So you need to look at the run history and open the condition and look in there. The first iteration always fails on the condition as there is no image within the first one.

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