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Helper II
Helper II

send email new created items



Today i tried to make my first flow...  I want to make a flow that when a new item is created in my SP list that i receive a email with the new created item(s) I made with the following steps from flow:


When item is created > Get Items > HTML table > Send mail.


It works, but when  i create two or more items, i receive 2 or more emails. Is it possible to combine the new created items to one mail? Also in the mail i get the full list, is it possible to receive only the new created items? 


Thanks for the help! 




Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hi @MelvinGRM ,


The trigger will fire for each newly created item.


Instead of Get Items, you can use Get Item By ID and pass in the ID of the triggered item.


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Thanks for your help! So it is not possible to get one mail for the new created items? or do i need a other trigger?


Super User
Super User

Hi, @MelvinGRM , my three options I'd give are:

  1. Change the way it alerts - Only have it show that there IS an update, then you can open a SharePoint page with a special list view that shows new items or something.
  2. Scheduled Flow - Have it make regular checks at timing you're OK with.
  3. Adding Delays (and maybe checking concurrency) - This could then account for new additions since the initial one triggered the flow.


On Schedules

You could take a look at making a scheduled flow.


That way it can run every so often, and then if there's data, it'll send it through.


The question is how urgent is it that you know that there is data there, and what it is. That will define whether or not you make a schedule or stick with multiple emails.


On Delays

You *could* make some delays in your current reactive flow, though.


So, instead of immediately sending the update, put a delay of (I dunno) 5m in there, then have it send everything from the past 5m.


This would save running a schedule which could increase your flow action counts.


You might have to then look at concurrency stuff (which I'm not too au-fait with, but) which I would assume if you set it to only allow one instance of the flow to run at once, then it wouldn't run multiples. So that your 5m delay will catch everything in that 5m. Rather than whilst your 5m delay runs, another instance of the flow starts up for new ones! 😅


Alternatively perhaps apply some of that to an "overflow" SharePoint list or something? Maybe, that temporarily collates relevant data? 


On Changing the Alerts

Perhaps you could look to stopping emails altogether?


Run the alerts over different channels, like SMS, TEAMS, SLACK, etc.


Then have a SharePoint page (or a few) that show the required data.


This would, then, handily also eliminate the need for any pesky regular reports that people seem so attached to, because you could simply have them look at a bespoke SharePoint page or list view. 🙂

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