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Helper I

sharepoint item attachment as a link on email



I have created a sharepoint list that allows users to attached multiple documents via attachment.  On flow, I created trigger that sends an email when a new item is created in that paricular sharepoint list. Is there a way to include link(s) to the attachments on the email?


Thank you

Helper I
Helper I



I was able to add a url link to the attachment that was uploaded to the sharepoint list, if the user uploads one attachment i am receiving an email with 1 url to the attachment.  However if a user upload two attachments I am receiving two emails with 2 different urls to the attachment. Is there a way to combine the 2 urls into one email?


not sure why I cannot add a screenshot to this post. 



Community Support
Community Support

Hi @ knguyen,


Could you please share a screenshot of the configuration of your flow?

Could you please share more details about how you add a url link to the attachment that was uploaded to the sharepoint list?



Alice Zhang

Hi Alice,


Thank you for your reponse!


For some reason I do not see an icon to add pictures/screenshot.  Are you able to add any screenshot on your end?



Rather than repost... I am raising this from the dead.


So, we all know that Outlook 2016 can add Sharepoint files as OneDrive Link attachements, which show as an attachement to the recipient but are actually a link to the relevant file on Sharepoint.


When it comes to Microsoft Flow, I am able to attach a file in the traditional sense but I am not able to attach it as a link. I presume it's because I haven't defined the link, but I cannot figure out how to do this.


Any helps would be greatly appreciated.



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