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use a future changes list to update another list, but only the specified fields in the changelist



I have a customer list, which now and then i get future change warnings for. Like in a month the address will change.


I want another list where i can type in the changes and which date the change should take effect. Then a flow should once a day check the list for any dates matching today and update the customer list with the changes specified.


however.. i do not want to fill out all 30 fields, just the field that is changing and customer ID.


but im fuzzy on how to check which field has a value and then use that field dynamically to change only that one field or two fields or three fields.


example...  customer 121 will change adresse to X on date Y  and go from 1 to 2 rented materials

here both adress and amount of materials needs to be changed on a specific date.


While another example could be .. customer 122 will change supplier from X to Y on date Y


Im imagining that a new element form will have all the fields, but i think i can narrow required down to 2 fields.


makes sense? 🙂




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could you create an array of fields that are not empty and do a for each on that ? 

is it even possible to dynamically select a field to update in the update sharepoint element action?

or is it possible to write an expression in each field that evaluates if the dynamic content i want to fill in is empty?

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Here is something for you to try - use an expression similar to this:

Create a list with all columns that can change as well as date column.  Also include a lookup column that points to the primary list - this is how you will find the related record - the lookup column stores the ID of the item selected.  Only the lookup and date columns should be required.

if(equals([Dynamic properties reference to change list],null),[Refernce to existing value for column],[Reference to value in change list])

The expression checks for a null value in the change list. If it is null, then use the existing value. Otherwise, use the value from the change list.
You would use this expression (with changes made to reference each column) in the update item action for every column that can change.
If you need help with the rest of the Flow, let me know and I'll provide an example.



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That sounds great, will have a look into that and test it out..

however the lookup thing.. might give me some pause, these elements are not unique only when you combine 2 column values. Same customer ID can have 5 different rows, so i'm normally combining ID with Material ID, because there is also a difference in supplier dependant on the material ID.


But will have a run at it soonish.. right now im trying to get search to function on a list that has primarily lookup columns.. it wont find anything 😄

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