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Bug: When copy + pasting values, chatbot doesn't operate properly in Teams chat

I have a PVA chatbot in Teams that is connected to a Sharepoint list. The PVA will call a flow to search a field in the Sharepoint list based on an ID number typed into the chat.

When I type in this ID number, it will work fine. However, when I copy+paste in the value it seems to add a line break and then does not work as intended. This is ensuring there are no spaces or line breaks as such in the copy+paste. Examples below:

Work Order ID - Typed in:



Work Order ID - Copy+Pasted in (Same value)




Super User
Super User

Hi @virakones ,


Thanks for posting this issue here!


Basically inside the MS Teams message has a format behind the text and maybe the format can affect this message.

I recommend you to copy the message and try to post inside the Notepad. Check if when you paste has any break-line or something like that.

If you don't find any break-line, you can select the code on your Notepad, copy and paste inside the MS Teams chat.

Check if the issue persists and return back to us, please!

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Renato Romão,

Connect with me here 😉

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Hey thank you!


Yes, it does look like it's Teams own formatting causing the issue when copy+pasting, I figured as much. Thank you again for the reply.

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This bug still exists and I don't believe this topic should be marked as closed. PVA chatbots are designed to receive plain text user input. The expected behavior is for PVA to strip away any 'behind the scenes' formatting and only pass plain text.


Expecting the customer to manually strip hidden formatting by copy/pasting into a notepad is not an acceptable workaround.


This is a bug and needs to be addressed by Microsoft.



I highlight and copy the text 'REQ693205' from a Teams message I sent earlier:



I then paste this text "REQ693205' into teams and send the message:



And even though it appears to have no formatting, the user response is saved as '\r\n\n\r\nREQ693205\n\n'


This also gets passed onto Power Automate and in my case breaks the flow as it is expecting "REQ693205"



This is frustrating for both developers and end-users and is negatively impacting customer satisfaction and adoption.


This is unexpected, undocumented behavior that needs to be acknowledged as a bug so it can be fixed ASAP.


Thank you

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