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Advice needed on SharePoint form

I have a couple of questions I'm hoping someone can answer.  I'm sure they're easy but I'm missing something.


1.  Because of the number of fields and the limited screen size, I'm not able to include the attachments  field on the initial screen, so I've moved it off to a separate screen.   The process would be for the user to submit the first screen in order to create the list item and then he/she could attach documents to that list item.  To this end, I have a Submit button which has a rule similar to:  UpdateContext({varStatus:LookUp(Choices('CA Incidents'.'CA Status'),Value = "Assigned")});Set(varAuditLog,varAuditLog&Char(13)&Now()&": Incident Submitted and Approved By "&User().FullName);SubmitForm(CAGeneralInfo);Navigate(Attachments,ScreenTransition.None);Set(varNewAttach,true).  Once the user arrives at the Attachments screen, he/she can attach documents and save those.   The problem is that this rule sometimes fails and flashes a brief error on the TITLE field which says "An entry is required or has an invalid value.  Please correct and try again."  There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with what I have in the title field.  If I remove "Set(varAuditLog,varAuditLog&Char(13)&Now()&": Incident Submitted and Approved By "&User().FullName);" from the rule above, it seems to work fine.  WHY? 


2.  I'm not understanding something about the "Item" property of a form.  When you add a new form to a screen, the form will display "Getting data" because the Item property is blank by default.  For SharePoint, you generally populate this with  If(IsBlank(SharePointIntegration.Selected) || IsEmpty(SharePointIntegration.Selected),First('Data Source Name'),SharePointIntegration.Selected).   The issue I'm seeing is this:  let's say I have 10 items in the library, each with an Attachment in the Attachment column.  If I open a new, blank form, for whatever reason, it seems to be populating the attachment field with the attachment from the first line item.  Why?  What's the best way to modify the formula above so that the first line is NEVER shown but I am not stuck with a "Getting Data" screen?


I hope someone can help with these because I'm at the end of my rope with my patience with PowerApps and SharePoint.  I am very disappointed with this product and the performance.

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