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Custom Connector - error: array not supported in parameter

I am new to coding, and I'm trying to follow the microsoft guides on creating custom connectors.


I am attempting to connect to the Wrike api v4 to use with flow, and I have hit a wall when trying to create a folder with "project" properties. According to wrike "Wrike's API does not recognize application/json or form-data format of the query" .


So when I create an action in the custom connector to create a folder, I've added the "project" properties as part of the query, since it's my understanding I can't add them to the body. When using this method I have tested the connector in flow and I have been able to create a folder with the folderid(parent folder) and title. But, no matter what I try I cannot get the project parameters to work!



I am populating the request from this sample:



and powerapps identifies the project parameter as an array, when I update the connector I get this error message:


Your custom connector has been successfully updated, but there was an issue converting it to WADL for PowerApps: An error occured while converting OpenAPI file to WADL file. Error: 'Parameter with type='array' is not currently supported at JSON path paths./api/v4/folders/{folderId}/[3]'
When I test in flow, it doesn't show me the nested parameters, it just shows a "project" field input.
So I tried adding the project parameters with a compose action, but it doesn't recognize the input stand-alone json:
  "ownerIds": [
  "status": "Green",
  "startDate": "2020-08-06",
  "endDate": "2020-08-13"
And i tried or using encodeUri:
When I peek at the code in flow, i noticed that the Project parameter values are inside "double quotes" and not nested parameters:
        "queries": {
            "title": "Wrike test 4",
            "project": "@{encodeUriComponent(outputs('Compose'))}"
So, I'm stuck!
Is there a different way I can format my sample to make this work? Have I made some fundamental error somewhere along the way? 
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Re: Custom Connector - error: array not supported in parameter

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