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FormSubmit when required fields not complete

I have an app that has a form which is based on a SharePoint list. I have a button that performs the action SubmitForm:




All is fine but if the form has not been completed with all 'required' fields the form submits with an error message. How do I prevent the submit from happening if all the required fields are not complete?

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Re: FormSubmit when required fields not complete

Hi @Anonymous,

You can can use the Display mode property of the  Submit button to do what you require.  If DataCardValue2, 6 and 9 were required, then the formula would be

If(IsBlank(DataCardValue2) || IsBlank(DataCardValue6) || IsBlank(DataCardValue9), Disabled, Edit)

 Then unless there was data in those three controls, the user could not successfully activate the Submit button.

As an alternative, you could also hide the Submit button by putting a similar formula into its OnVisible property.  In this case, all three values would have to hold data for the formula to reduce to true and Unhide the button.

!IsBlank(DataCardValue2) && !IsBlank(DataCardValue6) && !IsBlank(DataCardValue9)

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Re: FormSubmit when required fields not complete

Thank you. I can see that this will work but if the form has lots of fields the formula looks very clunky. I don't understand the purpose of the "Required" property if you can still submit the form when such fields are empty.
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Re: FormSubmit when required fields not complete

Hi @Anonymous 

I agree with your thoughts and have faced the same problem. We use the EditForm.Valid method to check if the form is valid before submitting. We then use the !Parent.Valid on the asterisk in the cards to show which fields still have to be completed before allowing the submit. 


Please see below video that discusses this in more detail.


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