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HTML Text - Concat, collect



I am trying to create a input box similar to the one here -- allowing user to add simple formatting.  I cannot figure out how to either concatenate or collect the data in an HTML Text box.  I would also like to provide an 'Undo Last; button option.


The first screen shot is what I have so far. 


The second is simple a shot of this input box as a reference.

Please and thank you!

Microsoft dinusc

Re: HTML Text - Concat, collect

I think yuour approach (using a context variable and add/remove from it) is correct. It will not be easy to achieve the functinoality you intend however. Please note that PowerApps team is planning to add a control for editing rich text. I don't know when that will happen though.

Level 8

Re: HTML Text - Concat, collect

I have the HTML text being updated in the HTML Text box.  However, the concatenate formula is:

Concatenate(AddParagraph, AddList, AddParagraph, AddList, AddParagraph, AddList)


This works great if the user enters information in this specific order and it will only allow (for this example, 6 entries) if entered as shown in the formula. Is there a way to update the formula to allow for as many entries and in whatever order the user sees fit based on their needs?  


Also, looking for thoughts on how to create a 'Undo Last' option so they can delete an entry into the HTML text box if they wish.

Microsoft dinusc

Re: HTML Text - Concat, collect

Just some ideas:

1. You can build a small wizard like process and ask the user for all the informaiton in a predifined sequence (one per screen for example). This way, the user will be forced to provide the inofrmation in a specified order. The result HTML will have to be failry simple though in order to avoid complicated flows.

2. You can keep a table (see Collect function) in which each row is the updated text (after each step). You will also have to keep a row conter. This way, your currently edited text will be stored at Last(FirstN(Your_Table_Name, Your_Row_Counter)) On Undo, you just decrement the Your_Row_Counter value (if it's greater than zero) and the result will be referenced from the previous row. On Redo, you increment it back (if it's not greater than the number of rows in your table). If you don't need "Redo" option, you don't need the row conter and you can always use  Last(Your_Table_Name) and just delete the last row on "Undo".

Hope this helps.

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