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Re: Issues with Powerapps

Thanks Powerdriver.


Wil try with group creating in office 365.

And for the Question 3 , launch in the same tab or same page , is this possible in powerapps ?


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Re: Issues with Powerapps

I presume you use the "Launch()" function.

From what I know, there's no control about the target tab/window and it always opens in a new one.


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Re: Issues with Powerapps

You can't currently get SharePoint groups natively from PowerApps, only Office365 groups.


Idea to vote on it being implemented is here:


@gsivasai wrote a great post about using Role-based security from Sharepoint groups by getting them from Flow here:




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Re: Issues with Powerapps

Hi Powerdiver,



I have a dropdown which has 5 values, need to display certain 3 values based on the user belonging to Offfice 365 groups

I wanted to display the certain Dropdown values based on Office 365 Groups, im using this function and im returning the display name of ther users in the group.

Office365Groups.ListGroupMembers("given groupid").value


How should i connect this function to the Dropdwon and dsiplayn those values?


Appreciate your help!




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Re: Issues with Powerapps

@Vangalaso if I get this right:


* you have a dropdown that has in its source a column that you want to use as a filter (let's name it "GroupID")

* you want to make sure that the current user is part of that 'such' group


My first question to you: are those two statement right?

If so, is that for a specific group or multiple groups ?


Maybe if you could provide a view of what your collection (source for the dropdown) looks like and then say what/how you expect to filter it. Then, when I'm sure I understand your objective, I'll make my best to help you out 🙂




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Re: Issues with Powerapps


Based on what you told me via message, in a very 'hardcoded' way for simplicity sake:


1. In your dropdown source, add a restrictionColumn where you indicate Y or N

2. In the OnLoad of the app, Set a variable (RestrictedUser) to True if the user is not to have access to the whole set (based on Office365Group membership)

3. In the Items property of that dropdown, use a Conditional Filter formula, such as If(RestrictedUser,Filter('mysource',restrictrionColumn="Y"),'mysource')

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