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Make a drop down work like the "Search" functionality

My Client wants the app to work like Excel,

e.g. when you filter an Excel spreadsheet, you get a series of drop-down's.

They don't like/want the "Search" functionality (Depsite it being better!).

So what I want is to add a dropdown (actually in the end a series of drop downs) near the search bit of the screen like this (see the picture).

I thought I could put in the OnChange, and OnSelect events similar syntax to the BrowseGallery1 , like this:

SortByColumns(Search('[dbo].[KAPMT_MAIN_VIEW_2]',Dropdown5.Selected.APPLICATION, "APPLICATION"),"MANUFACTURINGCENTRE", If(SortDescending1, Descending, Ascending))


But it doesn't work.

I tried to make a "Filter" as well, but "Filter" doesn't seem to like an SQL "View" as a datasource.

Any ideas?

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Re: Make a drop down work like the "Search" functionality

Anyone have any ideas?

All I basically want to do is make it "work Like Excel".

I've got a DropDown5 with the right selection in.

Filter doesnt work, it does nothing.

Neither does Search even with the same code from the BrowseGallery1.

I've tried a seperate button as well.
And hard coding the search (or filter) value.

Eventually I get rid of the ridicolous error messages; but nothing on the screen ever gets searched or filtered.

It just stays there; giving no clue is to why it doesn't work.

Here's some other example code:

Filter('[dbo].[KAPMT_MAIN_VIEW_2]',Dropdown5.Selected.Value in BrowseGallery1.Selected.APPLICATION,true)

Filter('[dbo].[KAPMT_MAIN_VIEW_2]',Dropdown5.Selected.Value in Label6,true)


Search('[dbo].[KAPMT_MAIN_VIEW_2]', Dropdown5.Selected.Value, "APPLICATION")

I've tried in a button, and on the "OnChange" event of the dropdown, and on the "OnSelected" of the drop down.

None of it doesn't anything - it simply gets ignored completely.

It should be sooooooooooooooo simple.

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