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Reconnect Error after Offline Mode [SharePoint List]

Good Morning,


I've got the following problem: 

  1. I open the app online for the first time to get all data from a sharepoint list and save them in a collection and than via SaveData on the device
  2. I close the app completely and go on flymode
  3. Than I reopen the app and the start screen load my offline data from device and the gallery get this data 
  4. After that I turned off flymode and I want to refresh the data 
  5. Unfortunately I always receive an unkown error


Gallery Items: (If (Connection.Connected; SharePointList; OfflineData))

Refresh: (Refresh(SharePointList))


Is there any possibility to fix these problem?


Thanks in advanced,


Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Reconnect Error after Offline Mode [SharePoint List]

Hi @Anonymous,



Could you please share more details about the symptom you encountered?

Please switch to Edit mode to check Gallery status, I think the issue here should be caused by the record property within the Gallery.

When switching to different data source, the Gallery Data need to be re-configured to make the Gallery to show the data properly.

Besides, have you checked the following blog?

Build offline apps with new PowerApps capabilities


In the example above, there is only a collection used under the items property of the Gallery, for online or offline data, they are all saved into this collection.



Community Support Team _ Michael Shao
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Re: Reconnect Error after Offline Mode [SharePoint List]

Good Morning Michael,


thanks for your response.


My testcase: 



  • I created the app via the button on my SharePoint List
  • Than I downloaded and start the app on my mobilphone via Powerapps
  • After that I closed the powerapp completely and go on flymode
  • I reopened the app and of course an error pop up
  • Than I turn off the flymode and I want so sync the data from sharepoint with the refresh button

I can click as much as I want but the error always pop up. In edit mode it works and it sync the data from sharepoint but the mobile or the windows 10 app always brings me this error  




Is there any posiblity to get data from sharepoint after that scenario?



My other app above works without any problems. I can start it in flymode and it use the offlinedata but if I try to turn off the flymode for example to sync the data with sharepoint it always pop up the unknown error message



Thanks a lot in advanced,


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Re: Reconnect Error after Offline Mode [SharePoint List]

Hello. I have the same problem trying to refresh an onedrive excel connection when the app get connected again. whta I do: * Screen 1: button with the OnSelect: Refresh(formulario1);Navigate(Screen2,ScreenTransition.Fade) "Formulario1" is the datasource to excel in onedrive * Screen2: I have a Data Table connected to "Formulario1" onedrive excel data Source when I start the app with internet connection, the screen 2 shows the formulario1 values normally. then I go to flymode and when press the button on screen1, it goes to screen 2 and shows me a connection error (Normal) I go to flymode off an with the button goes to screen 2 and the data table shows me the formulario 1 values. In that way it works fine. The problem occurs when I launch powerapps bein in flymode on, the app load, and when i press the button (In flymode on) the datatable doesn't shows nothin (Normal because still in flymode) but when I turn off the flymode, It shows an "unknown error" if I press the button. It seems that the app isn't able to create a connection with the data source when the app has been launched on flymode.

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Re: Reconnect Error after Offline Mode [SharePoint List]

Max - were you ever able to figure out a solution.  I have the same problem. RHayes

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PowrApps offline not working with sharepoint list

Hi ,I need bit of help regarding offline mode using sharepoint , I have tried everything but the local cached data is not getting updated in sharepoint when the app is getting reconnected to internet , though it doesn't shows any errors. Offline data not getting updated in sharepoint. Below is my code, Pointer : When user is offline and trying to make a new entry his record is being saved in Collection "LocalUpdatedRecords" and when he regains the internet connectivity the records should be updated in sharepoint list "Offline test" .I have tried Using Patch ,Update ,Collect etc but nothing seems to update the records in sharepoint, any suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


If(Connection.Connected && CountRows(LocalUpdatedRecords)>0, ForAll(LocalUpdatedRecords,Patch(OfflineTest,Defaults(OfflineTest),{FirstName :lbl_FirstName,LastName:lbl_LastName,Age:lbl_Age,Mobile:lbl_Mobile})); Clear(LocalUpdatedRecords); SaveData(LocalUpdatedRecords,"LocalUpdatedRecordsToBeAdded"); Refresh(OfflineTest); ClearCollect(OfflineData2,OfflineTest); SaveData(OfflineData2,"LocalCachedData")); Navigate(BrowseScreen1,ScreenTransition.Cover)

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Re: PowrApps offline not working with sharepoint list

Did you ever get an answer on this? I have the same thing. I have a SharePoint and tech that work offline some and need to be able to update the list once reconnected.





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Re: PowrApps offline not working with sharepoint list


Yes, my problem is sorted out.

Please refer -


Note : Offline  with sharepoint won't work in web version, it will throw "Error occured on server" however it works fine in Mobile or tablet.

I am able to patch the data back to SP after regaining connection but still there are soe duplication issues.



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Re: PowrApps offline not working with sharepoint list

Charles - I did not solve it and I moved on to other things.  I did feel like I was getting closer.  I can't recall all that I did, but a couple of things seemed like were moving me in the right direction.  One I created the app and then connected to the Sharepoint list as opposed to creating the app from the the list.  This eliminated some error messages I was getting.  Also, I began to save the data to the Gallery when I lost the internet connection and then use this to write back to the list when the internet connection came back up.  --Rodney

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Re: Reconnect Error after Offline Mode [SharePoint List]

I think I'll at least try creating app first and then add the list. Maybe it will help with the unexpected errors. I'll keep looking for an answer.

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