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Related Items from 2 lists in SPO

Scenario: I have two lists in SPO. The relationship of the lists is one to many.

The "one" side I will refer to as List 1, the field with unique items is Products.

The "many" side I will refer to as list 2, the field with unique items is Accessories.

One Product can have multiple accessories.


The application is for users to look up a product and see what accessories each product has.

To do this, a user begins at the Product Gallery Screen and search for a given product. Once found, a user will select the product and then taken to the Accessory Gallery Screen. Here, they can see all related accessories for the selected product. If there is a new accessory, I have added an "Add Accessory" button which takes users to the New Accessory Screen.

Testing everything works great and I can add new accessories. However, when I go to the Product Gallery Screen and click on the product I just added the Accessory to, I am not seeing the new Accessory on the Accessory Gallery Screen. 

If I look in SharePoint it on the Accessory List it is showing the linked Product. 

After reading several other posts, it appears SharePoint is lacking in this linking. 


What I have done that is working but is a manual approach, is to make a ProductID field in the Accessory List (as a number data type) and manually copy the ProductID from the Product list each time I create a new Accessory.

I have tried to make the default value of ProductID to pull in the 'Product:ID' but this does nothing.

My question is, is there a way to have this number generated automatically through Flow or in PowerApps? Or is there a way to do this through formulas?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Super User
Super User

Re: Related Items from 2 lists in SPO

I do this alot in my applications - sometimes I have more than one field for which I need to store the key of the related item.  In my example I have a Department list (equivalent to your product) and a Project list (equivalent to your accessories).  On the Project list, I have a DepartmentName column.  On my edit form, I include DepartmentName with the Visible proprty set to false. I use a Global Variable Dept to pass the Department between screens.   In the Default property of the DepartmentName data card I have the following forumula:


If(EditProject.Mode = FormMode.New, {
'@odata.type' : "#Microsoft.Azure.Connectors.SharePoint.SPListExpandedReference",
Id: LookUp(Department,Title=Dept).ID,
Value: Dept
}, ThisItem.DepartmentName)


As I get deeper into my app, I do this to set both Department and Project on, for example, a Milestone list or Next Steps list.

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