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Remove Function not working on SP Large List above 5k LVT


I have a list with ~5.5k that has a PowerApps connected to it. In my testing under 5k I didn't notice any trouble with deleting an item but now that I have it running, it looks like the remove and removeIf function do not want to work. My App is relatively simple:


1. Home screen with a Gallery that uses Filter to pull back different datasets.

2. A button on each record that is set to - Select(Parent);ResetForm(invoiceForm);Navigate('Form Screen',None)

3. This will then navigate to the second page and sets the form data accordingly.

4. I can edit and save the form and everything works fine on the creation and modification side.


Here is where the problem is. Following the OOTB example of the Delete button which is:

Remove('Invoice Data', BrowseGallery1.Selected); If (IsEmpty(Errors('Invoice Data', BrowseGallery1.Selected)), Back())

I tried to apply to my app and it will act like it is working (loading dots), but then no errors get caught and it just navigates me back to the home page (which should mean there are zero errors for it). I also tried the removeIf:

RemoveIf('Matters / Invoices',ID=searchGallery.Selected.ID);

Which has the same feel of Remove, it will be working on it, then just redirect me and the item is still in my Gallery (after the data reloads).


Is there anyone else that has had this problem? I was thinking to create a Flow to either try to do this or use a retention policy to look for a "Deleted Date" and remove based on that, but I'd rather PowerApps just do it like it's supposed to.

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Re: Remove Function not working on SP Large List above 5k LVT

is it timing out? Where are you compared to where your data is stored. Like what region compared to your datacentre.

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Re: Remove Function not working on SP Large List above 5k LVT

If it was timing out I would think it would throw the error and not move to the next navigation call so it doesn't seem to be but can't really tell. As for the region I live in Chicago.


Also, I tried testing this using Flow and it looks like Flow is hitting the list view threshold (5k) and not being able to delete the item either. This is leading me to conclude that PowerApps and Flow are both using the Rest API to try and delete an item and they both are conesequently getting denied by the list view threshold.


This is crazy how can Flow and PowerApps not be able to handle deleting an item from a SharePoint list with over 5k items?!?!

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Re: Remove Function not working on SP Large List above 5k LVT

Yes the same restrictions are for Flow and PowerApps and REST aong with the GraphAPI which can now dive right into SharePoint.

You are using SharePoint?


I believe many of the issues were resolved regarding list size operations so long as we stay within delegatable operations.


Il also look around further in the OfficeBlog for the updates related to this.

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Re: Remove Function not working on SP Large List above 5k LVT

Right, but the delegation properties apply to the different filter queries you can use to pull data. I'm simply using the Remove() function which is native to PowerApps (and Flow's "delete an item" action) and I would expect it to work since it is native to the platform itself. The rest of the native functionality works (updating items, looking up an item, etc.), so this seems more like a bug in both of them, not just something with the query and what's being delegated.

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