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Service Desk Template "Tickets older than 3 days" fitlering


I am using the Service Desk template and noticed that the ticket filtering for "Tickets older than 3 days" doesnt work.
One day old tickets appears in the "3day old Tieckets" filtering.
As I could not find any solution for this issue, I try my luck here.

I'm not able to figure out what to change / add to make this work.

please help

many thanks in advance

If(ThisItem.TicketTypes="All tickets";UpdateContext({type:"All"});If(ThisItem.TicketTypes="New tickets";
UpdateContext({type:"New"});If(ThisItem.TicketTypes="Tickets in progress";UpdateContext({type:"In progress"});
If(ThisItem.TicketTypes="Tickets closed";UpdateContext({type:"Closed"});If(ThisItem.TicketTypes="Tickets on hold";
UpdateContext({type:"On hold"}))))));;

If(ThisItem.TicketTypes="Tickets older than 3 days";     //<--------- this 
UpdateContext({datetype:Text(DateAdd(Today(); -3));type:"Tickets older than 3 days"});    //<--------- this

If(ThisItem.TicketTypes="Tickets closed today";UpdateContext({datetype:Text(Today());type:"Tickets closed today"});
If(ThisItem.TicketTypes="Tickets opened today";UpdateContext({datetype:Text(Today());type:"Tickets opened today"}))))


If(type="All";Tickets;If(type="Tickets older than 3 days";   //<------- starts here
Filter(Tickets; DateCreated <> datetype && DateCreated <>Text(Today());
DateCreated <> Text(DateAdd(Today(); -2));
DateCreated <> Text(DateAdd(Today(); -1))|| DateClosed <> datetype && DateClosed <> Text(Today());
DateClosed <> Text(DateAdd(Today(); -2));DateClosed <> Text(DateAdd(Today(); -1)));
If(type="Tickets opened today";Filter(Tickets;datetype in DateCreated);
If(type="Tickets closed today";Filter(Tickets;datetype in DateClosed);Filter(Tickets;type in Status)))))

Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Service Desk Template "Tickets older than 3 days" fitlering

Hi @Unbihexium ,


I test it and it works ok on my side.



Best Regards.




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Re: Service Desk Template "Tickets older than 3 days" fitlering

Hi Yumia
Thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately its not working, I've tried again with a brand new created template, added a ticket in the DB from yesterday and as you can see in the screenshot the ticket appears in the "3 days old tickets" which should be visible at the earliest on 03/17/2019.


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