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Unable to delegate Filter to Sharepoint



I have assigned the following to the datasource of a gallery and for some reason, I'm getting the blue underline at Id=2.


SortByColumns(Search(Filter(translated_database,status.Id=2), TextSearchBox1_1.Text, "cn","en"), "en", If(SortDescending1, Descending, Ascending))


Firstly, the "status" column is a lookup column from another SPlist. As such, it was my understanding that the Filter command can be delegated to Sharepoint, so I don't know what I'm doing wrong here. Any thoughts? I know that the Search function will happen locally, which is fine so long as the datasource is filtered first. My issue is that my data will have at least 3000 to 4000+ records within a few weeks of getting it implemented, so proper filtering is a must.


Is it because I'm trying to apply a filter to a LookUp column?


Additionally, I want to be able to Search through my People and LookUp columns; how do I do that?

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Re: Unable to delegate Filter to Sharepoint

I have this issue too. On the Items property of a Gallery I have the following:


SortByColumns(Filter('Exp Behaviour 2', Animal_rel0.Value = Gallery_Animals.Selected.Title), "Exp_x0020_Date", SortOrder.Descending)

These tables are on SharePoint lists. This operation isn't working at present - it's not returning records beyond the first 500. And I get the blue "i" dot and a squigly line over the ".Value = " part above.


I thought Filter and the = operator are delegatable, and hence shouldn't be a problem?

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Re: Unable to delegate Filter to Sharepoint

I'm fairly certain it's the lookup or calculation from another column in the list that makes it non-delegatable. I had an issue with using filter on a column thatgot its values from left(Anothercolumn,2) and powerapps wouldn't delegate it (although I don't think I got the warning blue i) it just didn't look past 500 records. I remade the column without the dependency on another column and it worked fine.

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Re: Unable to delegate Filter to Sharepoint

Hi @sfishe,


The delegation function from Sharepoint is still a work in progress as far as I can see, yes the filter function works, but there are limitations - although several other operators are listed as capable of delegation, I've only found that they work at present for text fields and for number-type columns as these both have explicit static fields.
So you can't point to the value of a selected radio or dropdown control or etc.



Create a new Text column in SharePoint, Call it Animal_rel0Value,

Refresh the data source in your app, add that column as a field within your forms.

In any of your edit/new screens have your app fill the Default value of the Textbox within the Animal_rel0Value Card with Text(Animal_rel0.Value) during every edit/new item (or go into sharepoint and retrospectively copy/paste the text value for all historic items OR create a Flow that extracts Animal_rel0.Value and creates a new Text Column based on that or fills a column with these values). you should ahve this as an invisible card as we don't want users to alter the value as it's only pulling the text value from a choice item.


Once those fields are filled, you can change your filter to:

Filter('Exp Behaviour 2', Animal_rel0Value = Gallery_Animals.Selected.Title)

Which should then be Delegable,




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