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Web Authoring - Abnormal Termination

Am repeatedly getting Abornmal Terminations within 10 seconds of the loading the project.


WebAuthoring abnormal termination.
Client date/time: 2018-01-22T06:03:42.897Z
Version: 2.0.750 (v2.0.750.65113030)
Session ID: de288f95-48a4-4023-bc57-1fda27f4bc50
description: {"error":{"isTrusted":true,"detail":{"exception":{}},"message":"Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'indexOf' of undefined","filename":"","lineno":16,"colno":439,"error":{},"NONE":0,"CAPTURING_PHASE":1,"AT_TARGET":2,"BUBBLING_PHASE":3,"type":"error","target":"[window]","currentTarget":"[window]","eventPhase":2,"bubbles":false,"cancelable":true,"defaultPrevented":false,"composed":false,"timeStamp":77100.175,"srcElement":"[window]","returnValue":true,"cancelBubble":false,"path":["[window]"],"composedPath":"[function]","stopPropagation":"[function]","stopImmediatePropagation":"[function]","preventDefault":"[function]","initEvent":"[function]"},"errorLine":16,"errorCharacter":439,"errorUrl":"","errorMessage":"Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'indexOf' of undefined","setPromise":"[function]","exception":{}}
stack: null
errorNumber: 0
errorMessage: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'indexOf' of undefined
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Re: Web Authoring - Abnormal Termination

I had the same problem - it would lock me out of my App completely.  Then I would start over with a Backup and it would do the same thing everytime I would edit a Gallery, Save the App and then upon opening again I would get the Web Authoring kiss of death message again.


You might not have the same problem as my occurrence but mine was based upon a PowerApps issue that is suppose to be fix in the next release.  I was told the Web Authoring - Abnormal Termination was triggered from the code "Gallery.AllItems".  You may want to find a workaround for the Gallery.AllItems code and see if it works then.


It took me 45 days from the time I posted a Support Ticket to get the feedback that it was a PowerApps issue.  Good luck...

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Re: Web Authoring - Abnormal Termination

That sounds extremely promising...


Was this exclusively on the web version or did you have the same issue on the Windows 10 App?

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Re: Web Authoring - Abnormal Termination

This was on the Web version.  I didn't run it in Studio(Windows mode).  PowerApps will be a great platform when they address some of the core issues which I am hoping will be within the next 30 days.  

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