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Advocate IV
Advocate IV

100+ of Delegation warnings out of nowhere

Has anyone experienced a sudden influx of delegation warnings recently? For well over a year, I have been using the 'in' operator with dataverse optionsets in galleries using combo boxes. Up until last week, I did not have any delegation issues. Today, I log in and see 146 delegation warnings. Many of my formulas look at combo box dropdowns which contain collections captured onstart. for example:


Collection - ClearCollect(Years, Choices(Years)).

Collection - ClearCollect(Months, Choices(Months)).


Gallery formula - 'ThisRecord.Year in dropdownyear.SelectedItems

Gallery formula - 'ThisRecord.Month in dropdownmonth.SelectedItems


what makes things more confusing is the warnings are not consistent. In some galleries, Month is delegated and sometimes it isn't.


Enhanced delegation is still enabled and again, everything was fine until at least today. I'm wondering if this is another bug with Combo boxes after fixing this bug?


Anyone else?


Edit - I noticed the consistency was just related to the formula bar. If I commented out the first filter in the gallery, the next 'in' formula would also through a delegation warning. It looks like PowerApps is now complaining about all of my 'in' operators. 


Edit 2 - I've found that formulas using 'in' with non-optionset collections in galleries are working. This appears to only be affecting scenarios where I have a collection of optionset items using choices(), both directly and as part of a combo box.

Super User
Super User

Hello, @Reigningfear, you need to start using the Result value in your combo-Boxes:

Gallery formula - 'ThisRecord.Year in dropdownyear.SelectedItems.Result

Gallery formula - 'ThisRecord.Month in dropdownmonth.SelectedItems.Result



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Thanks for the reply @AhmedSalih. 'Result' is not available for my combo boxes. Value however is and after trying, it is still throwing delegation warnings. 

@Reigningfear, that is strange because I am using them at the moment in one of my apps. One thing to track this down is to check if it is because of the ClearCollect. As you know ClearCollect is not Delegable. So what happened if instead you use ClearCollect to create a collection for the Years as per your example, you use the Choices(Years) as your ComboBox Items property.


Advocate IV
Advocate IV

@AhmedSalih ,

I previously tried using Choices(Years) as the data source instead of a collection in an existing combo box and it still had a warning. I just tried again using a brand new combo box / Choices(Years) and still the same thing. 

This seems to only be Optionset related as I am doing the same exact thing, in the exact same gallery with a collection from a dataverse table and 'in' is working as expected. 


I'm still scratching my head as to why this happened all of the sudden. PowerApps started complaining just a few days ago and I've been using this approach for a long time.


Advocate IV
Advocate IV

Interesting development, on the last authoring version I tried, the delegation warnings are gone. So of all the authoring versions I have, only the highlighted one is working as expected:


Guessing it's another bug? 

Advocate IV
Advocate IV

More fun behavior. It seems like sometimes I do have delegation issues. For example, I have a gallery which, with a delegation limit set to 1, only shows 1 record. If I copy the code to a new gallery (simplified with only label to see item count), I am getting all of the results as though there is no delegation issue. FYI all of this uses the 'in' operator.


The actual code uses one or more switch statements to determine which filter to execute but again, this has been working. I did notice that one aspect of my galleries were causing the delegation issue. I always added

'If( Parent.Visible, (Table expression), blank() )' because for some reason, PowerApps loads info from galleries even if it's not visible on App load; at least that's what I discovered using the monitoring tool. this If statement fixed that but I guess I didn't notice it caused that issue because no flag was raised. I still have some galleries where this isn't the case though but figured I'd mention it in case someone else comes across this.


I am very lost at this point and have concerns publishing an update to prod with this mysterious behavior. I submitted a ticket so hopefully something will come of it. 

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