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256 rows limit getting rows from excel

256 rows limit getting rows from excel. I am not able to get more than 256 rows from excel located on ftp in flow. I have 400 rows in excel. It only gives me 256 rows.

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I'm facing the same issue on the Flow "List rows present in a table".

No matter if I put an value in the "Top Count" or let it empty, the first 256 rows are returned in the body('actionName')?['value'] parameter but the rest is put in an URI with the parameter body('actionName')?['@odata.nextLink'].


Example :

  "@odata.context": "https://excelonline-we....",
  "value": [
      "@odata.etag": "",
      "ItemInternalId": "34cd99d3-d925-4212-89c8-d21c11ce4075",
      "Item" : 1
      "@odata.etag": "",
      "ItemInternalId": "6ddf51df-8d2b-4137-ab8f-b562af267b15",
      "Item" : 2
      "@odata.etag": "",
      "ItemInternalId": "71f1b8c5-de34-447a-b259-024738052573",
      "Item" : 256
  "@odata.nextLink": "https://flow-.../tables/1/items?source=me&%24top=144&%24skip=256"


I can't loop on the content of the parameter "@odata.nextLink", is there a configuration to retreive all data in the body('actionName')?['value'] ?? 


Thanks for your answer

Hello Charles, 


Current query is for different connector 'ExcelOnline', whereas this thread was for a question in regular 'Excel' connector. 


ExcelOnline connector supports pagination, hence it is returning limited results along with next link. Which is expected. 

To consume all records from a paginated operation, you need to enable pagination in the action that you are configuring. Pagination setting is located under action settings, screenshot attached. 


Best Regards,

Suresh Koorella


Hello Suresh,


this works perfectly thank you !

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Thanks for your explanation that's exactly what I wanted.

Do you think it would be possible to add this information in the docs for the Excel connector?


Doc :


Thank you

Thanks Gizar for the feedback. We will review and add the relevant note at all applicable places.


Thanks & Regards, 

Suresh Koorella

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I tried it - it worked.

I have a excel table with 700+ rows.

I use flow to update a sharepoint list. I used to do one flow for every 256 rows.

After the pagination thing - it worked in one flow.


Checking a time comparison.


Thanks for the "Pagination"

Thanks everyone, I just had this happen today and the pangination appears to be working fine.  Is 2048 still the max limit?  I'm expecting to hit closer to 3000 lines.

Just tried it with 22.000 records. It worked perfectly.

@Nikolaos what configuration did you do? I'm also having an excel sheet with about 25,000 rows. Thanks!

@Framil_A I print screened my config for you. This setup worked for me. Pls try. Hope it helps

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