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256 rows limit getting rows from excel

256 rows limit getting rows from excel. I am not able to get more than 256 rows from excel located on ftp in flow. I have 400 rows in excel. It only gives me 256 rows.


As per your screenshots - Issue is not about limitation in getting rows instead getting the basic scenario working. 


In First example - I can see that the file that you choose is not a available or is not a valid excel file. Please use the file picker and choose a valid excel file. 


In Second example : "From" filed is not refering to a valid excel file. Additionally, file name cannot be a dynamic value. Please use the file picker to select an excel file.


Below steps would helps you in creating a sample flow :

1. Choose 'Recurence' as a trigger. Provide appropriate value for Frequency and Interval. 

2. Add "Excel" -> Insert Row as Action. 

3. Provide "File Name" - by choosing the appropriate excel file using file picker on the right. 

4 Selet the Table name from the downdown. Table name list will be retried at design time when choosing the dropdown. As this is a server call - might take a few of seconds.

5. [Only for POST] for post requests like insert row, excel columns will be populated after choosing the table name.

6. [Only to get morethan 256 rows] to get rows morethan 256. Expand "Show advanced options" and provide appropriate value for "Maximum get count".

7. Save the flow and monitor run status/history.ExcelSampleFlow.png






If you still face any issue with the above steps then lets sync-up offline to resolve the same.

I think this is what you are saying: 


1.The Excel spreadsheet titled "floating reports" has 400 rows. 


2.On the "Maximum Get Count" it was entered "500".


3.Attaching the Excel spreadsheet should work, is that about correct?


flow screenshot.JPG

The same issue keeps occurring with the 256 row limit. 


How should we proceed? 

Could you please explain the step that is failing and show me the error message? Did you make your flow running by making use of the steps that I sent? Is your flow successfully running and returning only 256 rows? If the flow is created successfully then please ping me ( your flow name? I can take a look.



I ( have not receive your flow information yet. Did you get a chance to send it? or Is the issue resolved?


Thank you,

Suresh Koorella

We have corrected the problem and the Flow model should look like the following: 

how the model will look.JPG

1.Please ensure that you have the files within the correct location (Local or Cloud) otherwise there are going to be problems finding the file. 


2.Also you may need to recreate the Flow. 


Thank you for the assistance Suresh! 


Hi All,


Just letting you know that I've just done this using the technique suggested under Get Rows 'Top Count' and found this to work to 1800 rows.



Regular Visitor

So you are saying Get Rows only works with tables up to 1800 records ?


We are currently running a similar flow and crossed the 256 record limit today.
I have set the Top Count to 5000 for it to work again.  However if Top Count is empty then every records should be retreived, even if more than 256.



Hey team, I know this is a year later, but I'm hitting a limit of 2048 even when I set my max get count to 3785 (the exact number of rows in my spreadsheet.) 


This photo was badly auto-cropped!This photo was badly auto-cropped!




I believe 2048 is the limit currently

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