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3rd Level Nested Gallery



I can able to create Gallery inside a Gallery, but I am not able to create 3 levels of galleries. How can i approach it ? Whenver I tried to insert a gallery inside a gallery 2, its reflecting into Active Screen.





Power Apps
Power Apps

Currently this is not possible - galleries can only be nested 2-deep (please create a new feature request in the PowerApps Ideas board with this scenario).


Could you describe the scenario in which you want to use a 3rd-level nested gallery? When this decision was being made the idea was that the majority of the scenarios would not need the third level. For example, one can have a vertical (scrolling) gallery with a horizontal (scrolling) gallery inside, but once a third level was added, if we had the need for scrolling it would be confusing for the user if we had multiple cells that could scroll to the same direction.

My use case for this is that we have a complex PowerApp that shows a gallery of a variable number of transactions to be processed, and each transaction can have a variable number of line items to enter, and each line item can have a variable number of "batch split" line items where a particular batch of material could be split amongst multiple warehouses. The third level of gallery would only show if a "Split" toggle were actviated on a particular line item in the second level gallery so it shouldn't be too confusing for the user visually since the third level gallery will only show up intermittently. My current workaround for this is to create a popup screen where a gallery will appear and allow the user to enter the split batch data there. However, this is not as intuitive and does not flow as well as a third-level gallery. 

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I am working on a similar task, using a similar approach. The notion of a 3rd level nested gallery would be a very useful feature for my app. 


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I also have need of 3 levels of Galleries because I need checkboxes for the items shown in my second level gallery.

Seriously? Why don't you let the developers make those kinds of decisions themselves rather than force it on them? We have a need a deliver a multi-tiered menu system and we're more than capable of turning off scrolling...

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I was struggling for an hour already and finally found this discussion. Seriously!! PowerApps team needs to think lot of such basic things.

Wondering if anyone got any workaround please to show such nested levels in some other ways?

In our case I was able to add a 3rd level by using 2 listboxes side-by-side (one was for a menu item, one for a status indicator) within the 2nd Gallery, but that was only viable as the design elements needed in the third level were fairly simple:




Helper I
Helper I

Any updates on this @CarlosFigueira ? 


Managing the scrolling aspect is not a complex task. It would be helpful if this feature could be enabled and users can manage the scrolling if need be. 

Advocate I
Advocate I

I also have a need for this 3rd Level Nested Gallery - I have many applications where this is a must have and without this feature it makes makes it difficult to offer PowerApps as a viable solution for my customers. It would seem MS would offer this after all these years. 

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