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3rd Level Nested Gallery



I can able to create Gallery inside a Gallery, but I am not able to create 3 levels of galleries. How can i approach it ? Whenver I tried to insert a gallery inside a gallery 2, its reflecting into Active Screen.





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YES! 3rd level ASP please!!

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Hi! Here the same.

I have two galleries. The left one filters the right one. In that one, I have a nested gallery and a html component. I need to nest another gallery inside the second nested gallery 'cause the form generated in html there are three levels of information. This is more or less the info map: One director->Several managers ->Several Customers. All the info is got from the same sharepoint list. I need all this info in the same gallery, cause clicking the button makes the whole right gallery selected and onselect property of that gallery,starts looping all the rows which run a powerAutomate which sends the html to the flow. Im stucked in this point of the app and no clue how I should keep going if the 3rd nested feature does not exist.


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Honestly there should be no limit on nested galleries. Vertical and Horizontal scrolling aren't use cases imo. You could easily think about a use case that needs more nested galleries. For example if I'm designing an app for a storage room where items are stored in my database as their cage and shelf, if I want an accordian list that sorts by cage and then shelf when the list expands and then you can see the items, you would already need more than 2 deep for galleries. Expand that sorting further to boxes on shelves or drawers and you need even more nested galleries. There's many limitations that seem to be in place on power apps that shouldn't be there, because they aren't or at least shouldn't be a performance hit. The only time limitations of any kind make sense is if they would be a major reduction to performance of an app.

Also the reason your expample of using nested galleries for vertical and horizontal scrolling isn't a use case is that you've already added vertical and horizontal containers that can get this effect with a single gallery. Nested galleries should be thought of in the sense of sorting by data types, and you can have any number of data types in one record, location, value, date, etc. There should be no nested limitations. There should be no delegation issues with sharepoint either, every query should be treated the same on the back end, whether it's using in operator = < etc. 

IF your galleries are side by side like that you can try to have the second gallery not nested and have it sort its items based on the selected item in the first gallery, using gallery.selected, I did this in one of my apps for having one item select the same item in another gallery with the same id.  Just use a variable and store the selected item id in one gallery or the location or whatever type of data then filter the next gallery based on that variable.

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