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404 error trying to consume custom connector for Business Central

I've created a Postman collection to represent a custom OData API that we have published for Business Central.


I uploaded this Postman collection to the Custom Connector builder and this correctly created my OpenAPI spec file. The request/response have been correctly defined and I can test my API via the test tool (screenshot attached).


I've tried with both basic and OAuth2.0 authentication and whilst both work in Postman and in the API test tool within the Custom Connector builder, these do not work in the PowerApp.


I've also tried with a simple public API that returns some basic JSON - this requires no authentication and this works correctly in the PowerApp.


Whenever I consume the Custom Connector via the app builder I get a 404 error (also attached).


I've tried this with parameters, without parameters, with different authentication methods etc etc, no matter what I do I can't get PowerApps to talk to a custom BC OData API.


I'm baffled as to why I get a 404 - though I notice that if I try to call my API after leaving one of the parameters blank in the test tool I also get a 404 in the response, so I have a gut feeling this may be related to request parameters.


Has anyone had this issue/seen this working? I can't use the out-of-the-box BC connector as it doesn't support custom APIs.

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I've logged this as a support incident with MS so I'll update when they come back with a solution/explanation

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I'm having the exact same problem.


Before the latest updates in October (both Powerapps and Business Central), I could easily create custom connectors from a Odata Business Central webservice, and use them in PowerApps.

Now i get this 404 whatever i do. And strangely enough, when I test the connector, it gives me at 200 response, telling me everything is okay. 


@HenrikMB Quick update, I have a remote session with MS lined up tomorrow, I assume you have got no further on your own?

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Hi @Charleh 


Sounds good


I don't have anything further to this issue. But I'm totally pissed that the Standard Business Central Connector cannot work with other tables, than those that Microsoft has chosen. Any information about this will be appreciated. Workarounds, when will it work like before, etc.

Was there ever a clear resolution for this issue?  It appears to persist today with NO details on reason or resolution here on the forum or on the Internet.  Any updates from the community or MS would be helpful on this!


I have been in contact with Microsoft support. Status is that it is a know issue and

Microsoft is working on it. When they will be ready, I don't know.


Either shall Microsoft upgrade the Standard BC connector (so it can communicate with more than around 60 tables in BC, which is possible now). Or they  have to fix the problem with the custom connector to BC.


But there is some workarounds I was told from Microsoft.

It is possible to use a custom connector from Flow to BC.  And that Flow call can be initiated from PowerApps.

Then the result from that call, can be stored in either a SQL server or in a Sharepoint list. And then

the result can be loaded from PowerApps.

I have not tried any workaround, but it should be possible, according to Microsoft.

So Im still waiting for a real solution.


@HenrikMB Thanks for the reply!  Do you have a ticket number that I can include with the ticket we have open as well? Might be helpful to refer to eachother's tickets to get some traction - when did you first open your ticket with MS Support?  We only opened ours list week (Ticket: 120040121001654).


Will try your prescribed workaround.  We were able to connect to a different API URL in Power Apps and at least access the source but everything appears very manual with working with the connector/BC data in Power Apps.  Perhaps this is another workaround to be considered.

Hi @jskwon22 

Yes, I have the following:  Service Request #: 120021322000110

And I did open it on 13 of February. So it has taken some time to get this information I have shared.


You are right, other APIs seems to work, but it seems like PowerApps is not totally ready for BusinessCentral.


Any update on this? 

I am trying about the same as you guys, custom tables and api pages in Business Central. Even with simple get I get 404 ressource not found.

Test on connector works, postman works, url directly in browser works, but Powerapps says ERROR! 🙄


Standard Business Central connector to standard endpoints works perfect.

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