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500 item limit in CDM entity search filter(need to switch to app if this exists for long)

500 item limit in CDM entity search filter, this makes it very dofficult to use for any business scenario(export, data analysis)

because I have 50k records and search filter may return sometimes 5k or 20k and I need to analyze this data(so export)

Currently its only exporting 500 first items which does not meet any business criteria(imagine you are doing google search and it returns only 3 items), sadly if this is permanant issue like sp list 5k limit I will have to inform this to our sponsors of the project and most likely as it does not meet business need to filter and export we will have to do app which we did not want to do.

I will atleast need some good workaround. One thing I observed is there is export data link in CDM screen(can you give me some workaround based on that?)

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Thank you!  I am going to try now.  Would the SharePoint  DateYear Calculated column be returned as text?


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Meneghino - no luck with the filtering.  I have tried both code samples you provided.

Any other thoughts?

DateYear should be returned as a number otherwise you cannot make mathematical comparisons.

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I am just getting back to this.  Either way that I try produce the delegable error - am I missing something?  The blue 'highlighted' parts the first DateYear, the || and the last =



Filter('CC - Incident Reports', DateYear=CurrentYear || DateYear = CurrentYear-1))

Hi @tianaranjo

Once again, you should define DateYear as a number column, not text

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Thanks again; I do have the SP column set up as a number field.  I was able to resolve with the following:

Filter(colAllEvents, Value(DateYear)=Year(Today()) || Value(DateYear)=Year(Today())-5))


I appreciate your replies!

Hi @tianaranjo

Glad you got it resolved.

However, the fact that using Value() you resolve the issue demonstrates that DateYear is text and not a number.

You can see this in your own screenshot, where the SharePoint calculated column's return data type is selected as "Single line of text' and not 'Number'   You need to select 'Number' and refresh the data source.



I'm trying to implement this;


I am getting an error on the UpdateContext (cannot be applied to global variables?)

& How do I create a Hundred Chart?


I am working with SQL data


Please and thankyou


P.s this is my code so far

pdateContext({firstrecord: First('[dbo].[tbMilestone]')});
UpdateContext({lastrecord: First(Sort('[dbo].[tbMilestone]',MilestoneID,Descending))});
UpdateContext({maxiter: RoundUp((lastrecord.MilestoneID-firstrecord.MilestoneID)/500,0)});
  Filter('[dbo].[tbMilestone]',MilestoneID>=firstrecord.MilestoneID+min && MilestoneID<firstrecord.MilestoneID+max)

@jesenavaranjan wrote:


I'm trying to implement this;


I am getting an error on the UpdateContext (cannot be applied to global variables?)

My understanding is that you must apply to code to i.e., a button OnSelect - it won't work in App.OnStart. At least it didn't me.



I have another issue however.


I get 'invaid invocation' error with

UpdateContext({maxiter: RoundUp((lastrecord.MilestoneID-firstrecord.MilestoneID)/500,0)});

So I tried replacing it with: (assuming RecordID in my case is the ID number in my SharePoint list?)

Set(varMaxiter,RoundUp((lastrecord.ID - firstrecord.ID) / 100,0));

and I'm not sure if this is correct, because I am now stuck with another error:


What is datasource temp? What am I missing? Or is this one of the things I ignore as it gets creater later in the code?

Hi @mr-dang 

I am using the methods you provided on Sharepoint database.

But i can only retrieve first 2000 rows only.

It shows delegation warning on RecordID and && functions.

Filter(datasource,RecordId>=firstrecord.RecordId+min && RecordId<firstrecord.RecordId+max)

 Can you help me resolve this. It will be great help.


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