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500 item limit in CDM entity search filter(need to switch to app if this exists for long)

500 item limit in CDM entity search filter, this makes it very dofficult to use for any business scenario(export, data analysis)

because I have 50k records and search filter may return sometimes 5k or 20k and I need to analyze this data(so export)

Currently its only exporting 500 first items which does not meet any business criteria(imagine you are doing google search and it returns only 3 items), sadly if this is permanant issue like sp list 5k limit I will have to inform this to our sponsors of the project and most likely as it does not meet business need to filter and export we will have to do app which we did not want to do.

I will atleast need some good workaround. One thing I observed is there is export data link in CDM screen(can you give me some workaround based on that?)

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Something is wrong with your Query GrischkePro, it gives a delegation error, even when I changed the "Shifts" with my own list name. 

@amitnaik  it's weird but I think what I did (a long time ago) to overcome this was that I created a new Number column that copies the ID to "IDD" column for every item that is created (using a flow). The query I shared above was from memory but when I looked now to test it, you're right. I changed my query to IDD and no more delegation warning.


My Shifts list has 230k records at the moment and it seems to work well with IDD column.

@diego_marino whatever is easier for you 🙂 we all have our ways around the "limitations". Thus far I have managed to find an alternative ways to many of those limitations.

@amitnaik The query took some time though 



You can skip this part:


Instead use Sequence function:

ForAll(Sequence(maxiter), // creates a table from 1 to maxiter with column Value
		RecordId >= firstrecord.RecordId + ((Value - 1) * 500) &&
		RecordId < firstrecord.RecordId + (Value * 500)

so, may i create a create a collection of my 4k records table by using sequence based on my "id" column that's a number field not sequential? (i mean are numbers but not strictly progressive - 1,2,3 etc )

Its been 4 years and still no help from MS>

the third part doesn't work for me due to delegation warnings.
As a data source I use ExcelOnline, where you can only search in one column.

Are there any tips how I can read the ExcelOnline table into a collection via a loop?

best regards and many thanks in advance

Helper III
Helper III

can't help you except suggesting to move from excel. i was making a complex vba updating from access to excel but it's too lame, excel is not good

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Thanks for the feedback!

and I found a new approach that helps me for now:



Best regards, Arno

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