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Helper II

500 rows Limit



i did a power app application connected to One Drive For Business, this works very well.

But it seems there is still the issue higlithed in the post below .


So the application is not able to retrieve from the excel file more than 500 items.


Do you know if this issue has been solved and how ?


Thanks and Best Regards

Power Apps
Power Apps



Query delegation is not currently supported for this type of data sources (Excel tables on One Drive), which means your app will cache up to 500 rows locally and all operations will run on/via that cache.


Is there a chance you may be able to migrate your data to a different back end that supports query delegation? (for example CDM, or SQL)?


Radu Gruian [MSFT] ** PowerApps Staff



thanks a lot for your reply.


Maybe I can migrate the data to an SQL, but do you mean SQL Azure or SQL server ?


If so how I can configure the query delegation ?

Thanks a lot



I Have an additional question.


This issue is only related to app coming from data ?


If I create a blank app and then I link it to an excel file on one drive for business I will have the same issue ?




SQL Server should work fine, as it supports query delegation.


There is no need to configure query delegation. PowerApps will automatically detect the server capabilities and will do whatever is needed to ensure that the queries that can run server-side actually get to run there. When this is not possible because of syntactic constructs or semantic constraints, for some specific formula, you will get notified via a "blue icon" suggestion for that formula.


Re. your second question: this is orthogonal to App From Data. Query delegation will kick in regardless of what app you are creating, whenever it detects that delegable constructs are supported server-side.


Radu Gruian [MSFT] ** PowerApps Staff
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Hi Radu!


Is there a plan for Dynamics AX (OData) connector to support 'query delegation' and to be able to handle more than 500 items at a time?




I had 200k+ rows in Excel and when I try to connect to that file as data source PowerApps threw and error saying 2MB limit. So it seems with Excel there is also file size limit in addition to the record count limit.


I then imported these to Azure SQL and try to run below and It's not querying all 200k rows to give me the distinct values of my DSM column. So it seem even Azure SQL has some kind of limit. I'm not sure if Distinct function supports delegation but I believe others like SortByColumns & Search do.


So why is below query going against Azure SQL not returning all the results?


SortByColumns(Search(Distinct('[dbo].[WFGSP_SeedPlan]', DSM), DSMSearchBox.Text, "Result"), "Result", If(SortDescending1, SortOrder.Descending, SortOrder.Ascending))


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