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Advocate I
Advocate I

A bug has occurred since the last version of powerapps (3.19052.19)



A bug has occurred since the last version of powerapps (3.19052.19)


Since the last update, my entire application is no longer working.
The Fields displaying the information from the selected item in the gallery no longer display anything or display data from another item.
From now on, there is a problem with Gallery.selected and I do not know why ...
is there a way to fix it?

Thank you


My experience, you'll have to open the app save & publish for it upgrade the version. Think of editing as a runtime enviroment. When you save and publish, it will save the app in the enviroment version that you currently editing in.

For these cases its actually a neat option to open the app in other available studio enviroments while the powerapps team rollout the fixes. 


That said, I have yet to find the website where one can find these different studio versions, they normally only presented in the community forms(randomly). The powerapps team should concider providing the ability to the app maker to choose the studio versions. "Current, Previous" . Otherwise educate us on how we can find these studio's enviroments. 

@_Corey_  I have saved and republished the app in 3.19061.xx and, unfortunately, the problem persists. I am now rolling back to 3.19053.21.xx as you suggested. If that does not work I will update here and on the other thread I started.

@JT84 Can you please provide an app ID or a session ID for an affected session so that we can investigate?  Thanks.

@_Corey_ Problem persists.


Session ID: cdf7160f-400a-418e-911f-8fcbadd96e59
PowerApps 3.19054.11 ( <--- this number does not align with the version I think I should be running. See image below)


I also have a ticket open with support, request number: 119061223000755



Advocate II
Advocate II

I'm not sure if this is related, but I made some fairly major changes to my app and it still works great in the editor, but when I publish the app and open it in a browser or the PowerApps mobile app, it starts to load and then the entire app disappears.  I've tracked it down to a date value that I was loading from a data source, but now calculate locally.  I've tried all kinds of different conversions on the date value including DateValue(Text(myDate)), but no luck, the app still disappears as soon as that date loads.  Here's a session ID from a recent test:


Session ID: fa67fa5b-a7c4-4be8-9a03-b9020c452dd9
PowerApps 3.19054.11  <--This does not match the version list.  It says that version 3.19061.14 is live right now.


I've included 3 screenshots:

1.) FBB_Loading is the published app when it's first opened in a web browser.

2.) FBB_Blank is the published app about 3 seconds after being opened.  The data finishes loading, the local date is calculated, and boom, the app disappears.

3.) FBB_Editor is the app in the web editor with data successfully loaded in.  The app does not disappear when working in the editor.

I uploaded two example videos of the behavior I'm describing above.  The published app opens, the skeleton of the app becomes visible for a moment, and then the entire app disappears.


MacOS Chrome:

Session ID: e34fa747-c8c4-409a-9c36-ea9e56e3ea64
PowerApps 3.19054.11


iPad Pro iOS app:

Session ID: 4e89f751-b99e-494e-a561-93b795a9838c



Excellent visualizations @SynergyM .

Thank you @seadude !


I wanted to submit one more bug I noticed since the patch.  Buttons no longer respect carriage returns in their "Text" property.  This broke the way a few of my apps look.  I attached an example image.

@_Corey_ any update on this thread?

@JT84 I do not see any errors in our logs for the session ID you provided.  I know that a form bug was fixed late last week.  Can you try republishing your app in the lastest Studio version?  Failing that, we had a case recently with a customer where the form was somehow corrupted--adding a new form control and configuring it with the same values solved the issue. 


@SynergyM I also do not see any error in our logs for the session IDs you have provided.  Is there anything special or exotic about how you are processing the date value? If you load it, but don't reference it, does the app still disappear? 


With regards to the carriage return bug, it has been fixed and will be deployed in a few weeks.  Until then, you can use the formula "Substitute(varStrValue, Char(13), Char(10))" to convert CR to LF.

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