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As of yesterday, any app we publish with version 3.21031.26 of Power Apps will basically render the app useless. We've found a really extreme work around but it is not by any means how I would say code should be written.


DO NOT PUBLISH currently if you have PowerAutomate connectors in your app!!!

Whatever was updated with 3.21031.26, please roll it back, it breaks our connections between PowerAutomate and PowerApps. It seems to be generally linked to only MOBILE connections, but have seen it on some web cases as of this morning on another app when I published an update.

Power platform has had this similar issue before, but usually can be fixed by readding the PowerApps trigger and verifying the response is properly formatted. Other options are to recreate the Flow, which also doesnt fix this case. Deleting the connection in Power Apps and readding it also use to be a step to take, this also does not work with this new issue. This seems to be impacted by any PowerApps trigger that connects to any Action that connects to a datasource.

The backwards fix I was able to come up with is to just re-route my logic thru an HTTP connection and have the PowerApps connected work flow call the HTTP and return the values to the app from the HTTP call. Now this works fine for a 1-off scenario. But the app I published this morning has 5+ Power Automate connections in it, so I'd need to basically go and double the amount of FLOWS I have to fix this issue. (HTTP-> do work -> return response) && (PowerApps trigger -> call http -> return values to app). It could work but at this point it's silly to go do all that work and complicate my workspace with 2x of every flow I have.


We are getting ready for construction season and are currently rolling out our solutions across NORTH AMERICA. This is a critical issue. Please advise when we can safely publish apps that leverage the Power Platform again.

Edit: This can very easily be recreated - > add flow that just responds with any value -> create power app and link button to flow -> use button and see success -> delete the flow from the app -> update flow with a db source or anything that requires a connection string -> readd button to app and connect to flow -> it might work on desktop but will not work on mobile

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@aerocoders ,

You might  lodge a Support Ticket with Microsoft

As a user forum, this is valuable information, but MS needs to know about it.

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I reached out to support via Twitter and was redirected here (Azure portal doesnt have any explicit Power Platform submissions options). Will take the advice and pass it along. Thank you.

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