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Helper III
Helper III

Accessing Multiple tables

I'm trying to build an app for site inspections. There are roughly 23 Sites that need inspected and each site has between 5-10 inspection forms that will need filled out. Is there a way to make 1 screen that references different forms or does each form need its own screen? 


I'm worried about having way too many screens and power apps giving me a middle finger once its all said and done, this is only the second app I've made and I don't really know the capabilities of what i can do.


Attached are photos to clarify what i mean on the forms and how many screens there are for each. 

Advocate II
Advocate II

Hi @Bvandyke22


You can have more than one form on a screen.  Each form can have it's own data source.  You may want to use a Scrollable screen with sections to keep things manageable.  However, in my experience, depending on your data source (CDS, SharePoint, SQL etc) you get better performance by using separate screens rather than putting too many items on one screen. 

My data source is One Drive Excel Files. Each Station has its own excel file. I was just trying to make sure i'm being as efficient as possible.


Would having over 150 -200 screens have a negative impact on the app or how it would perform?


Hi @Bvandyke22 


Hopefully someone with more experience will jump in with some helpful links but I really do think you need to look at putting your data into a relational data base rather than Excel files.  Here is a link to a Microsoft learning module on the subject


Here is a link to a forum question on the same subject


If you organise your tables (or Entities in the Common Data Service) with relationships between the tables, you should not need anywhere near 150 screens and your app will be considerably more efficient.


It is quite a big learning curve if you are new to the subject, so be prepared to ask a lot of questions. 



Thanks for all the info. I'll do some research in to this more. The big thing is my company's policies don't give me access to SQL or Sharepoint Lists so i am very limited on what we have that I can use.

Hi @Bvandyke22 


I think most people on here would agree that you are not being given the tools to achieve the task assigned to you.  Maybe if we can get some upvotes to your post, you could show your employers.  


Good luck!

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