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Adding email to an existing formula



Currently I have started testing and even created an updated version of Service Desk App. However what I would like is that the second someone creates a new ticket it sends all IT staff an email notification of that new ticket.


Currently I have the following code on create ticket


If(IsBlank(Subject.Text) || IsBlank(Description.Text) ,UpdateContext({msg_visible:true}),SubmitForm(NewTicketForm);UpdateContext({New:Patch(Tickets,LookUp(Tickets,ID=Text(Max(Tickets,ID))),{Subject:Subject.Text,Description:Description.Text})}))


Is there a way to add something like the following?


          DataCardValue12.Selected.Email, // To field
           "Text",                        //  Subject Field
           "<b><font color=blue>HTML</font></b>text"           // Body Field, this could also be HtmlText1.HtmlText     
           {IsHtml:true}                  // the record elements for other parameter          


I am a real novice when it comes down to these things.


Great, I'm glad that did the trick!

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Now i just have to change the rest. I did get the email from the ticket which is great however I get Text as the subject and the body is HTMLtext. I know that I placed subject as Text so that is easy to fix but the body i need to figure out haha I will post any questions if I have a hard time.

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Just changed the Subject but am not understanding the body portion. Sorry if I am bugging haha

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This is the latest I have transformed to


If(IsBlank(Subject.Text) || IsBlank(Description.Text) ,UpdateContext({msg_visible:true}),SubmitForm(NewTicketForm);UpdateContext({New:Patch(Tickets,LookUp(Tickets,ID=Text(Max(Tickets,ID))),{Subject:Subject.Text,Description:Description.Text})});
"", // To field
"New Ticket", // Subject Field
Value13 & Char(10) & Subject & Char(10) & Description & Char(10)


For some reason I cannot get Value13 to print on the email whoever


DataCard15 is the Created by* section where it asks the user to place their name

DataCard15 is the following:


StarVisible15 = "*"

ErrorMessage15 = Parent.Error

Value13 = Parent.Default

Key15 = Parent.DisplayName


So Im curious if I need to change Value13 to something completely different or modify it to be visible or if I need to replace Value13 with Key15 instead. This is as far as I have gotten.



Value13 is a text input control. Therefore, Value13.Text is the syntax that you would use to retrieve the text that's in the control.

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