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Helper I

After an update, forms don't work anymore

This solution is becoming so unreliable.


My forms worked perfectly, but know all of a sudden when I submit, it says you must provide value for the item, even though I did, but it resets the form.


I read on other posts that after an update you sometimes need to remake the carts, which is so stupid to begin with .. how can you make an update and break the application so badly that we need to remake cards in order for our forms to work OR mark every field as "not required" just to avoid that check (which doesn't work as it should either way). It's safer to make an IF command and if it's blank I display a message instead of relying on the system's capacity to decide if it's blank or not.


So annoying this behaviour so far. 


I am sorry to hear about your problem.  Perhaps, you can post this to PowerApps Ideas.  Here is the link:

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Forms are the buggiest part ive found.

I agree its totally ridiculous how these updates keep breaking deployed apps.


My advice: Use the Patch function, it requires more coding in the first place, but, it does not rely on a built in form function and doesnt get broken all the time by MS not testing properly.


BUGs found with forms:

Adding a border resizes all data cards

Resizing the form removes formulas, ie: width set at Parent.Width, changes to whatever it feels like

SubmitForm gets broken all the time, or gets changed and potentially breaks your other formulas

Newest Bug: iOS devices not rendering Cards correctly

iOS devices not rendering toggles correclty when true and false text are set

When changing values it does not recognise text input correctly, ie: change width from 60 to 100, might only recognise the 10 and miss the 2nd 0



After just resolving the issue, today again:


The requested operation is invalid. Service REsponse: A value must be provided for item. clientRequestID: f40e4e3e-751e-fe6b-55d4-1241ccf2e91c


You are right, forms are so buggy you can't work with them. I will try the patch function and my code will probabil have more than 2000 characters since it involves sending emails as well. 

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