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All the sudden this error shows up - on-premises SQL server



After a week working on PowerApps application on my PC connected to on-premises SQL server (a VM with Windows Server 2016), everything was fine and then all the sudden got the error while setting some fields on the form: "Failed to load [dbo].[tablename]. An error occurred on the server. Server response: Unknown Mashup Exception. inner exception: Column 'ProviderSpecificDataType' does not belong to table." 

Tried to isolated the problem, so I created a new database with only one table/one row/primary key ID - pwWelcomeNote, re-install the gateway, and still got the error. I am using a most update Windows 10 and SQL Server 2016 Standard Edition.

Tried rebooting both machine, no luck. Any ideas? 

Thanks in advance...


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It's back!! Up and running! Thank you PowerApps team!!!

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Hi Marcosh,


I'm living the same problem since yesterday. I have 3 applications that was working yesterday and today can't access any data in the database. My environment is quite similar, the only diference is that my SQL Server is 2008 (Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 (SP2) - 10.50.4000.0 (X64)).


Looks like a general problem on Power Apps Data Access Service...


If I discover a way to solve this problem, I'll share... please do the same if you find a solution.



Thanks Rapha, I am glad to know I am not the only one. The funny thing is the PowerApps>Support says: "No known issues: PowerApps is running smoothly!". As a workaround, I was thinking in create an excel file connected to SQL server, and link the PowerApps app to the excel file. Haven't tried though...

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"PowerApps is running smoothly" Smiley LOL Smiley Frustrated Smiley Frustrated Smiley Frustrated


I'm debugging the Gateway, but without success... I discover other person that started to suffer the same error:


I'm starting to figure out a workaroud as well... please, tell me if you obtain success using the "excel gateway".


I tried to create new applications and I tested gateway from other computers without success... just the same error...


Good luck

Connecting PowerApps to excel that is connected to SQL server did not work, I had to do another workaround. It's like Inception movie, dream within another dream.. 


Here is what I did:

1. Create an excel worksheet (Sheet1) that is connected to SQL server (Data tab)

2. Create a new worksheet (Sheet2) that copies every single cells from Sheet1. (formula: +Sheet1!A1, this copy the content of the cell A1 from Sheet1 to Sheet2, then just copy the formula to all other cells of Sheet2)

3. Format Sheet 2 as a table (Home tab)

4. Link PowerApps to Sheet2 as a new data source

5. To refresh the data, just Refresh Sheet1 and refresh PowerApps


I know it's a little bit of work, but at least it will keep me going while waiting for PowerApps team fix the issue.



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jajajajajajajajajajaja Inception!


I just did a litle test conecting a new App to Google Drive "Worksheet" and it works fine in the firsts tests. In my case, I'm thinking this can be the best solution for some tests that I'm doing in the tool PowerApps. But it's really a temporary solution... In order to effectevely use PowerApps here (production environment) I need to connect it on my SQL Server instance... without it PowerApps can't be used here...


I've sent a message to Microsoft Support team about the problem, but I didn't have any answer... 

It's back!! Up and running! Thank you PowerApps team!!!

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