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Advocate II
Advocate II

Android issue with buttons stay "pressed" with selected fill colour displaying after click release

More info on post at ..


..which for some reason I couldn't reply to .. @Anonymous @AlexElderton 


I investigated this on my device(s) and initially thought it was due to the version of PowerApps app on the device (Android - iOS seems ok) as previously working apps were not showing this issue and had an older device which was working ok but which had been turned off for ages so had older version of PowerApps app on it. So tried back loading previous versions of PowerApps onto device(s) with issues one by one to see which version had started the problem but .. surprise surprise, when I'd got back to the same version that was on the old phone the problem was still there! So same PowerApps version on two different (similar model) Android phone one working and one not (well showing the issue).
So checking the Android software on each they appeared the same version although slightly different build version(s) with issue one having a later Android security update so thought that might be issue so decided to try to revert the phone back to it's original firmware but was having a bit of an issue doing that and as part of doing that had to to a "hard reset"/wipe to factory settings which left the device with same build version as before (with the issue) but not it wasn't showing the issue!!!! So loaded the latest version of PowerApps app on it and it worked fine too!!!!
So whilst I don't have the answer (yet), it's not related to either the PowerApps version or the Android version/build but seems to be something that occurs either - after a period of time of the phone/Android running (don't think it's that .. or .. some other app/software initialled on the device that's affecting it it some way (???) .. or .. ???
Has any body else got any clues on this or experiencing the same symptoms? Any help much appreciated to hunt down the issue as whatever it is is likely to affect many users of Android devices so be good to find what exactly the situation is that causes the problem.
Thanks Derek

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @DerekPapworth 


What's the version of your Android PowerApps mobile app?

I'm using 3.20041.18, but I cannot repro the issue

Hi @SteveYao 


Currently I have 3.20043.15 but I can understand if you can't repro the issue as mentioned I had the issue on one device but after a phone reset the issue isn't there now on that device but still exists on another device that hasn't had full reset (main phone so reluctant to do that).


And with other testing I did before and after it appears to be an issue that appears either "after a while" or perhaps with certain other software or updates affecting it perhaps as phone mentioned above was working all all, then when I noticed the issue recently on my main device I found the other phone had it too but as I say, after full reset (back to factory defaults) it disappeared.


I cam't imagine how other software/apps on the device might cause it but can only assume it's that but any thoughts/ideas on what else it maybe really appreciated!



Hi @DerekPapworth 


I think the reason why it works after you reset your phone is that you have a fresh Android system and every app inside running fast, and that time not many apps installed on your phone after you reset it.

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We have a similar issue with our Samsung Android tablets.

We pursued this with Microsoft's tech support and they concluded the issue is a bug with the Samsung Tablets (in our instance).

Response from the Product Team:

After investigation, product team clarified that the issue is from the Samsung and not from the PowerApps so you may need to file a bug with Samsung support for this issue, as we don’t have any control on it.


  1. Here are the steps suggested by product team –
  2. Try updating the devices that have this problem. Not just system updates, but also the Chrome browser app and Android System Web View.
  3. User can also try to switch web View implementation.
  4. Go to Android Settings ->System -> Developer options (can be enabled by tapping build number 7 times: see -> web View implementation -> pick a different one. Not all devices may have this option.
  5. You can also try rolling back to an older version of Samsung firmware.


Power Apps is based on web technologies. These technologies are based on industry standards and Power Apps should behave consistently everywhere. However, these standards may not be implemented correctly by manufacturers and web engine developers.


On Android, Power Apps uses the Chrome browser engine to display buttons. For this issue, the device was not telling Power Apps that the user had lifted the finger, causing it to be stuck in a pressed state. There is little we can do other than to let Samsung and Google know about the issue. Usually, we try to find workarounds while the manufacturers fix their bugs, but it is not technically feasible in this case.

Helper V
Helper V

Hello, I've just discovered that I've got the same issue. From the computer the buttons behave as expected but on the mobile device (Samsung Galaxy S9 Android 10 - Security Patch 01 October 2020) the issue presents itself after pressing the button after the 3rd or so times. Going back to previous screen and returning to desired screen sets the button back to normal however after pressing it again, this time only once, the issue occurs. 

Thinking we'll have to hard code the behavior for the button? In the interim, busy downloading the security patch 01 November 2020 for Android 10 to see it if it helps.

Helper V
Helper V

    • Continuing on the issue on the mobile device....
    • The security patch was installed to the latest. Opened the powerapp and it seemed to have fixed it but it occurred after the 17th time. 

    • Closed and reopened - The issue occurred on the 7th time.
    • Cleared the powerapps cache - The issue occurred on the 3rd time, etc
    • I'm calling it "holrel". Hold the button for a few milliseconds and release just under a second seems to do the trick.

    As soon as the issue occurs I revert to "Holrel", hold the button for a few milliseconds and release just under a second does the trick.

    Guess what I'm telling my clients..... start learning "Holrel" 😏

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