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Helper II
Helper II

App Crash because Deleting Combo Box Selected Item to Filter Gallery

Hello Power Apps Community,


This it my first encounter of something very weird happening when making application in power apps.

So I have this scenario which should be very simple and working every time.

But since yesterday it becomes undeniably weird.


These are brief description about my problem :


  1. I have a combo box which contain items from predefined table
  2. I have gallery that contain the same items from the same table
  3. I use the combo box to filter the item in the gallery based on its certain column
  4. Every time I select new item OR changing it to another item, the gallery shows the correct item and working fine
  5. But when I DELETE that selected item in the combo box, then my editor screen went blank.
  6. If I play the app, then somehow it shows the spinner and reload it again

I attached some pictures here, and also gif files so the problem can be clear here.

The working solution for now, I have to use Collection for the gallery to be able to filter it using combo box.


Is this some problem with the power apps right now?
Because my already published app also facing this problem.

I hope you guys here can help me.


Best regards,

Rizky - Indonesia

Helper I
Helper I

I am having the same issue notify this morning by one of my user. 

I have a combobox with "Allow multiple Selection" set to False, depend on the combobox selection a gallery will be filtered. Other combobox in the app seems that not link with a gallery seems to not have issue. The app will crash in design mode rendering a page with as below and throwing the user back to the welcome screen in Running Mode



This seems to happen if the user changes more than 2 times his selection in the combobox or if waiting more than 30 sec before making a selection in the Combobox.

Issue happen on the phone application as well


I confirm as well If set the gallery to View Mode the issue seems to disappear. However as the gallery is used to navigate to other part of the application it's not a valid workaround



@rizkyaditya @Joti @mpuricelli @ALS @sOliver @Ehiga 

We have identified a render timing issue when the gallery is cleared that may cause a crash with the following error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'viewState'.

A fix has already been committed and is currently scheduled to be deployed with Studio version 3.20113 in late November; however, we are in the process of determining appropriate escalation of a hotfix.


If you are able to rollback your apps to version 10.2 or earlier, these versions are not affected.

Alternatively, you may also find some success in modifying your apps as follows (based on @rizkyaditya's repro):


ComboBox1.Items = Table(
    {Title: "Test 1", Content: "This is test 1"},
    {Title: "Test 2", Content: "This is test 2"},
    {Title: "Test 3", Content: "This is test 3"},
    {Title: "Test 4", Content: "This is test 4"}

ComboBox1.OnSelect = 
    Set(varGallery1Selectable, false);
    Set(varComboBox1SelectedTitle, ComboBox1.Selected.Title);
    Set(varGallery1Selectable, true);
Gallery1.Items = Filter(Table(
    {Title: "Test 1", Content: "This is test 1"},
    {Title: "Test 2", Content: "This is test 2"},
    {Title: "Test 3", Content: "This is test 3"},
    {Title: "Test 4", Content: "This is test 4"}
), Title = varComboBox1SelectedTitle);

Gallery1.Selectable = varGallery1Selectable;


I will post again once this fix has been deployed or the deployment schedule has changed.

Power Apps
Power Apps

@rizkyaditya @Joti @mpuricelli @ALS @sOliver @Ehiga @Romain_Pham 


A hotfix has been deployed to all production regions.  You will need to edit and re-publish your app(s) for changes to take effect.  We apologize of any inconvenience this may have caused.

View solution in original post

Hello @_Corey_ ,


Looks like the hotfix is already working fine.

No crash happened if I clear the combo box.

I hope the other users won't experience that kind of problem anymore.


Nice job and outstanding support !

Helper I
Helper I

I confirm the hot fix works one my side @_Corey_ . Thanks for the quick reply and action to fix it!


Keep up the good work! 

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