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App Missing Data when entering data from app

Hello Everyone!

Just wondered if anyone has had this before or can advise me on what and why its happening.

I have created an app that sends data to one single SP List which currently has 93 columns with multiple people entering data. (App located in a Teams group chat with all users accessing via a laptop)

Every thing seams to be working fine but i have started to notice that its dropping certain bits of data when people are using it (strange bit its not dropping data from the end columns)


The same user can then enter the same data and everything is included.


Their seams to be no pattern to as and when it happens and its not down to one user ether.


I'm currently banging my head against the wall and checking all the coding in my app but everything looks as it should be.


Could anyone be so kind to advise at all please? 




Community Champion
Community Champion


You have done an excellent job of explaining the overall problem but for the forum to help we will likely need more specific information.


  • What do you mean by dropping bits of data?
    • What data was input?
    • What data was output?
    • Can you please give a real-world example?
  • What code are you using to submit the data to SharePoint?

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Within the page i have the user select their zone (visible drop down) and i have a invisible datacard which has a drop down with the following code 

Distinct(Filter('DropDown AJ200P Leg',Title='Dropdown Zone Petrol'.Selected.Result),Leg)



The DropDown AJ200P Leg list contains all the zones and states if its front or back leg and the idea of having the formula and hiding the data card was to reduce the amount of items the user had to input.


You asked about what code i using to send the data to SP 



I believe this sends the data from all datacards and dropdowns to my list and also pops up a confirmation screen to the user as most the time they couldnt see the small dots across the top.


If you need any more information please let me know.




Morning All,

Just a quick update:

I've looked at all the screens/pages within the app and all the coding looks to be ok, yet when users have used the app to enter data this morning its still dropping the detail in reference to the Leg (Front/Back)


Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated  




Hi @Posfog ,

When responding, you need to tag @mdevaney  so he will see your post.

Hi @Posfog ,

I will try to put "another set of eyes" over this for you.

You are using SubmitForm, so data is committed to the data source using the Update properties of the card in which the relevant control is situated.

Can you please look at the following

  • What are the Update properties of the card containing the relevant control.
  • What type of control is it and how is the data input/provided


HI @mdevaney & @WarrenBelz 

Thanks for both your inputs in my dilema but i think my main issue was that my SP list was over 92 columns and it just couldn't cope.

I have since broke this SP list down to one main one with dates, day, area, shift and leg and the other SP lists having the finer details.

Then created an app with the main details at the top then using buttons to popup the different forms for the rest of the data.

I then have a submit form that submits all forms at the same time so the ID details on each page are identical.


Hope that makes sense?

Anyway once again thanks for your help as i really appreciate it as learning if fun but still feel like banging my head against a wall.




Hi @Posfog ,

I am glad you got it sorted, although the source of your issue is a bit troubling. I have a number SharePoint lists in excess of 150 fields and have not have any issues with updating. One is nearly two years old and has extensive field and office use.

Hi @WarrenBelz ,

Unfortunately i have deleted the old app and SP list source now as started again with more SP List with fewer items.



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