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App based on Onedrive fails for all accounts other than source Onedrive accounts

1. Our organization does not have any Azure based products. Everything is on premise.

2. So, we have signed up to an Azure account so that we are able to take use of all Azure based products (

3. I have created an app in Powerapps using the account based on an excelsheet(table) located in a folder in Onedrive. In the app i've created I have signed in to Onedrive when prompted in the powerapp, to reach the datasource for the specific app. The account signed in to Onedrive is where the datasource is and is NOT THE SAME ACCOUNT as the account. These two  accounts are not linked in any way (that is atleast what our IT-department says).

4. The app opens and everything is as expected.


Now to the issue;


When sharing the app with a colleague and also sharing the folder where the datasoruce is located, the user get an error saying it cannot find the source. I expect that this has something to do with the Onedrive-account that is beeing used by the user. I tried to provoke this error on my user by changing the Onedrive-login to another one of my Onedrive accounts that DID NOT contain the datasource, but did have access to the folder with the source (I shared the folder to this account). This provoked the same error on my user.


To me it seems as if I have to sign in with the Onedrive account that contains the datasource, if not, the app fails to open with data. This does not make any functional sense.


Does anyone know what the issue might be?

Another thing is that I can't understand why we need to share the original datasource (Onedrive-folder in this case) with all users that wants access to the app. Giving the users access to the app means giving the user the right to read the data (or edit if chosen). This will surely cause trouble for organizations.




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I face the same kind of issue.


I want to display images store in OneDrive (it will be better if we can retrieve from SharePoint but there is no connector currently...).

I follow:


Images are displayed when I'm connected with the same account as my one drive.

When I'm connected with someone else account, I've got an error message telling me it can't find the datasource.


Any idea ??


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Sounds like the same issue yes. I tried the same process with Dropbox, but the same issue there. My workaround was to create a new account in Onedrive/Dropbox where I put the datasource. I then share the login to this Onedrive/Dropbox to all users that needed access. Of course not an ideal solution.


Regarding Sharepoint there is a connector. You should find it in the list of connections. You can either connect to a cloud service or via a local gateway.


Good luck!



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We also have an issue with OneDrive. I can see them, but no one who shares my image folder can see them. I've tried to add permissions directly and still no go.

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I found the issue, but not the resolve. The goal is to save the images in a Shared OneDrive folder that is created by PowerApps. Instead it creates a folder and saves the Pic to the users OneDrive instead of the Shared folder. This is why the person that downloads the image can see, but everyone else can't. I believe this to be a bug????? If the process can't save to the shared OneDrive it saves to the users OneDrive

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I have the same problem, any new on that? 

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We have a support ticket into Microsoft, and they were able to duplicate the error and are working on it. They also suggested using dropbox or google drive to store the photos. Based on this reply I'm not certain if they intend on making this a priority.

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Wow! Kind of a joke...please use other technology because it works better, but if we are working in a company maybe we are not allowed to move information outside of the office 365 environment. 


Thank you digidot for your answer! 

HI all.


I have exactly the same problem. 


Just to know that you are not alone ...

Hope that Microsoft solves it asap, because in our company we have bet for this new technology, and I have an important project stopped by this problem.



Double thanks for raising that ticket digidot, please post back on this thread if you get a fix, our major project also hamstring, very dissappointing MS as this was the only (MS based) route to getting captured signatures into SP.  


BTW i got this requirement pretty much working front to back for my accocunt:


1: Power apps save images to onedrive via excel sheet

2: MS Flow detects new image file in One Drive business

3: MS Flow creates new item in SP image library from new image

4: MS flow parses the excel sheet and updates the uploaded image properties (for referencing it against another list id so i can query for it later)

5: MS flow removes the item from the excel sheet

6: MS Flow removes new image from one drive*


* not figured the correct path, but will work when i do afaik


so frustrated to find that this wont work for other users, i dont get why it doesnt say this anywhere in the help, the wording clearly suggestes that the one drive connection will be shared. GRRRRRR!



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