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App crashing on iOS devices

Our app works fine in browser, works fine on Windows 10 PowerApp, and works fine on Android devices. However, it keeps crashing randomly on iOS devices. We are unable to figure out why as of yet but suspect it has something to do with taking images and saving them to the local collections prior to submitting them to the AzureBlobStorage.


To test, we created a simple sceen with Media -> Add Picture component, and found it will randomly crash:


  1. Click on Add Picture (app)
  2. Click on Take Photo (iOS)
  3. Point and take a picture (iOS)
  4. Click on Use Photo (iOS) 

Already tried reloading the app, clearing the cache, republishing, etc. Used different model of IPhones to test, including the IPhone 10.

Step #4 is where it crashes, after clicking on Use Photo. It does not crash always but does at lease every second time. we attempt to perform steps above.




@Anonymous and @AshleyC  We currently investigating with high priority, able to provide fix soon,

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Any update?

Sorry we still don't have an update on this.

Helper I
Helper I

I am having a similar issue on iOS.  In my case I am able to take a picture with the iOS native camera applicaiton, but when I select "Use Photo" the loading spinner comes up (which I don't turned on for any of my screens) and the app restarts back to first screen.  Force closing PowerApps doesn't help.  But I have noticed if I do a hard reboot of my iPhone and then go back into PowerApps it seems to work OK for a while, with the issue reappearing at some random future time.

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Having the same issue only in iPhones devices. 
Any update yet ? 

Advocate II
Advocate II

@claudiosvcc @sriniD

Any Update? This is still happening with our apps.

Frequent Visitor

3 years later and this is still happening. No updates to this thread. 😞

Advocate II
Advocate II

We're experiencing this as well for select iPhone users.

Could it be a device storage issue or a specific iPhone setting?

Or maybe another app is conflicting with PowerApps?

OP went above and beyond to provide info - even posted a YouTube video of the issue.

Yet no solution yet...did the staff give up on this?


Tagging the top kudoed because, well...I don't know what else to do besides contact Microsoft, ha.




@theozapps ,

I am responding as you tagged me.

We use iPads (over 100 of them) and have taken over 50,000 photos in the field over the last 3 years on various versions of the OS and iPad, mostly directly with the camera control (others are taken earlier and uploaded) and have never had an issue.

That does not solve your problem, but suggests this may be specific to a small number of device/OS combinations.

Maybe if you can identify that combination that consistently does this, you can you lodge a Support Ticket with Microsoft.


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Helper II
Helper II

This is happening to us. On iPad and iPhone.


Seems to be about 1 in every 15 photos the user takes.


Is the PowerApps team still investigating this issue to come up with a fix?

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