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App needs access to this connection. Ask for access



Recently we are getting this error while opening the app in edit mode. 


Scenario: I have created the connection as well and powerapps application and shared with my team mate. Now when he is opening the app he is facing this issue. if he will remove the connection and add the connection by himself then I am facing this issue.


Please help. 





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I've been dealing with the same issue since 2.0.702. At first I was dealing with your previous issue (The custom connector property capabilities cannot be updated) which seems to have been resolved by Microsoft. 


I was able to fix this by making a new custom Connector (not just a connection) and replace the data source within the app.


It therefore seems to me that the issue lies with custom Connectors generated prior to 2.0.702 having connections generated after 2.0.702.

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Thanks for the reply. But it seems last release is 2.0.700-2.0.701. I have not found 2.0.702.


Do you have any idea when the new release is?





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As your screenshot points out: "The version number of the most recent release of PowerApps varies by platform". Although the release notes covers nothing beyond 2.0.701, the version number of my PowerApp was 2.0.702 when checked from the browser, but runs 2.0.704 on my Android phone.

Regardless of the version number, I believe we both run the same (newest) version and that replacing the entire custom Connector (emphasis on that this is not just the connection) might resolve your issue.
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I'm now facing this same exact issue with my team. I've already deleted everything (custom connector and connection) and I keep getting the message requesting access to the connection of the colleague who created the custom connector.


We're currently in UAT phase in the project and having everyone logged in as the same user is not acceptable. This is a major issue for us, please review this quicly.



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Are you sure it requests access ot the connection and not just the connector? When an app is shared connectors are automatically shared as well. However, adding a new connector does not automatically share that connector. Connectors need to be shared, for indivisual users to create their own connection trough the connector.


If the above is not your answer try the following:

  1. Delete the connector and all its connections.
  2. From within the app editor ensure the connection is gone. 
  3. Make a new connector identical to the previous (I think the name has to be the same if you don't want to remake all the API calls)
  4. Wait a while (the connector is not ready for use immediately)
  5. Test the connector (includes making a connection from the Test tab)
  6. In the app editor, add the connector under data sources and save the app when tested (it should work for you at this point)
  7. SHARE the connector
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I can confirm that it's requestion access to a connection and not a connector for 3 reasons:


1 - I'm also an editor of the custom connector and I can see it in the "Manage Custom Connectors" screen

2 - If my colleague shares with me his connection (the connector is already shared as stated in 1), the "needs access to this connection" message disappears and I can use the app

3 - All actions performed in the app are under the credentials of my colleague and not mine. E.g. commenting on a blog post will always display his profile.


We've already reconfigured the connector in the past without issues. We did the steps you've specified and the problem persists.

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I've created an empty app and added the connector. It behaved properly requesting the login for each user. Something made the original app become attached to the connection, which I can confirm checking the "export screen":


App with incorrect behavior (connection is part of the export)App with incorrect behavior (connection is part of the export)App with correct behaviorApp with correct behavior

Does anyone know:


a) how an app becomes attached to a connection

b) how to remove it (if possible avoiding editing JSON files)

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a) I am not entirely sure but I believe it may be related to updating the connector, while having connections in the app.


b) I have only been able to remove the dependency by removing the connector and all connections to it, i.e. following my steps above, which I still believe should do the trick. However, in step 2 it important that the connection is removed, which should be checked from the export view (not from in-app editing). This can be a bit tricky as you may not directly be able to delete the connection if it is not owned by you.




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TSP thanks for you replies. I've already did this a ton of times the reset of the connector and connections without success unfortunately. Did a quick test on a separate clean tenant:


1 - Create custom connector with basic authentication

2 - Create simple app

3 - Add to the app the custom connector and create there the connection on the fly

4 - Publish and share with other user


Even before logging with the other user, I can see in the connections tab that my connection got shared with the other user:


Connection instantly shared with the user I've shared the app withConnection instantly shared with the user I've shared the app with

When I log with the other user, since he already has a connection he just has to say allow and doens't get prompted for his own credentials. This is not the behavior I had before.


I really need MSF clarification on this Smiley Frustrated

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