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Helper III
Helper III

App responsiveness and slowness

I have an app that is doing a comparison of an outside file of people and identifiers such as an ssn to our main client database table and trying to do a match (with ssn, names, addresses).  I have a scoring system that scores a 3 on a SSN match as this would be a 100% match.  Names and addresses are lower scores.  Here is the ITEMS property of the gallery.  

                'Property Records',
                First(Split(Name," ")).Result,
                First(LastN(Split(Name," "),2)).Result),

Property Records is a connection to an On-Prem SQL instance and going through a data gateway.  The records coming in are daily records from a csv file and at most contain a hundred records.  The main client table in the SQL instance is 70K+ records.  


In the Item Template of the gallery I have a label with the cumulative score and a label whose Text property is :If(CountIf(ISK_Clients,ssn=ThisItem.Social_x0020_Security_x0020_Numb)>0,"SSN Match","No SSN Match").


When we run the app, it literally takes around 5 to 10 minutes to even display data needed.  Someone mentioned this URL, however it is a 404 error message now:


I was thinking of instead of on-prem using a SharePoint list or Dataverse for the main Client database where I can import or use Power Automate to map a csv file coming from a Stored Procedure.  Would that improve performance?


I need to have this app responsive, but the end user understandably does not want to wait ten minutes for data.


Thanks for the information and help




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