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App stopped working after re-release

So I work on an update to my app for three days, finish yesterday and release (@ Power Apps release 3.20091.17). I do my testing, all works perfectly.

This morning, I edit the app again to change a label text of one of the labels. Needless to say, this change makes no difference to the rest of the app. I release the app again and open it as a user to see if the change was applied. To my surprise, the change is applied, but my app isn't working anymore?!?! So I spend the next few hours trying to find out what happened, banging my head against the wall. I notice that the app I released this morning, has the Power Apps release number 3.20091.24.


I believe some functionality change must have been applied (intentionally or otherwise) by MS in that latest release that changes the behaviour of my app (it's not unheard of from MS to do something like that unannounced).


When I restore the version from last night and:

* release it (without editing) - all works fine.


* press "Edit", update my label text, then Save and Release - the app doesn't work.


* press Edit, but DO NOT apply any changes, then Save and Release - the app doesn't work.


That leads me to a conclusion that it's the new release number that breaks my app.

By "doesn't work" I mean, one(?!?!) of my timer controls won't start anymore and a LookUp function I had in App Start event, "doesn't LookUp".


I've been trying to troubleshoot this for hours now with no luck. Is there any way to see the documentation on what was changed in release 3.20091.24?



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Super User II

I feel your pain and frustration. In the last few weeks, especially, there has been some volatility within the Studio and I hope it's something the team is aware of and is indicative of growing pains and not regressions. This post has some instructions on forcing an authoring version, which may help you force a version on your app. It doesn't sound like what you're doing is incorrect. Do you have any preview features enabled? How long has this app existed?

Thanks, @GarethPrisk, don't have any preview features activated and the app is about 4 months old. I have an update though, about 6 hours after my post, I went to check on this again. When I opened the app for editing, I noticed that the connection with my two SharePoint lists got broken - there was an exclamation mark beside the SP list datasource and an error message upon clicking the ellipsis. Refreshing the datasource wasn't fixing it. I checked to see if the lists were still on SharePoint - they were. I tried removing the lists and adding them back - no joy, same error persisted. Finally, I removed the lists from the app, saved (with errors flagging on multiple controls) and exited, then cleared browser cache, and opened the app for editing again. This time I was able to add the lists successfully. And, to my surprise, the broken timer started working again. I seized the opportunity, updated the label text and published the app - IT WORKS!


However, whatever it was that fixed it, only fixed it for a brief moment, because if I go to edit the app now, I am again seeing the same issue with one of the timers and a LookUp on App Start not working. The published version works for the users, I have checked about 10 times now, so I am fine to leave this as is as I don't plan any updates anytime soon. Hopefully whatever it is, it will get fixed by the time I need to edit the app again.

you said "that the connection with my two SharePoint lists got broken", does this mean connection is lost?

if so, you need to check if there is any action that changes user's access token (like changing password, setting MFA).

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