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Resolver II
Resolver II

Apparently a bug with the preview layout container

Hi I just posted a item with a possible bug in the preview for the layout container seems that my post was deleted.

Please see below the same app with and without the layout container. Anyone knows how I can get around this issue or report this as a bug?

msapp file and sample pics are attached.

Resolver II
Resolver II

So, if I just leave the gallery with text or anything other than media it is shown correctly. By the moment I add media or icons to the gallery they disappear or flip.

Edit: Icons shows normally if you change the rotate to "-0" but images still disappear.

Advocate I
Advocate I

This was happening to me on 11/19/2020. The images displayed correctly in Preview but encountered the issue you described after publishing the app. As of 11/21/2020 I'm not seeing the problem anymore. My app studio version is set to 3.20112.43, did bump up to this version manually under Account > Change authoring version in the App Studio. I hope this info helps.

Hi @robdev , This was useful and I tried all 3 that are there in the dropdown. I still get the same issue. Doing that to the earliest version fixed the issue on load but then the image bg still does not show and click on the gallery still makes every icon and image flip/disappear.

EDIT: I even tried to export and reimport the app, but no luck.

Advocate I
Advocate I

@rssilvaba I have given up using these new containers for now as they are buggy as of 11/21/2020 as you have found out. I'm now using the regular container control which is no longer in preview and the canvas control that is found in the scrollable screen (just copied it and pasted it into my main screen).  The idea is to use the Screen1.Size value and when Screen1.Size <= ScreenSize.Medium then set the X, Y, Width or Height appropriately.  Was able to complete a responsive app for my client after banging my head against the table trying to use these new responsive containers. Should have known better, but I'm glad I found a way using controls that work. Good luck!

Hi @robdev, Yes! I already recreated the app using regular containers + canvas control.

The disadvantage is that all wrapping and snapping logic you have to do in each container while with "Layout container" you can do once and all the children inherit the layout from the parent, which gives a true grid experience. Specially with gap, auto-width and auto-height.

But yeah I will not use that for the moment.

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